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Are you looking for a professional telemarketing consultancy in Cambridge? Are you looking for an outsource telemarketing company to carry out your customer relationship management needs? Are you looking to reduce your costs by outsourcing your telemarketing campaign turning a fixed overhead into a variable one which is it within your control?

With Amvoc you can choose the duration and frequency of your telemarketing campaigns which eliminates a fixed overhead from paying, training and maintaining a telemarketing staff. Using an outsourced telemarketing business will also eliminate the cost of unavoidable downtime. Amvoc will use the skills and natural flair of the telemarketing experts we employ in order to increase your productivity by concentrating on your core competency. Outbound telemarketing with Amvoc works as a virtual extension of your business and we will get to know your business in depth before commencing any campaign.


YourEnergy is a provider of energy-saving technologies to businesses and provides fully accredited services to existing clients throughout the UK. YourEnergy was interested in capitalising on opportunities within commercial organisations and decided to use an external telemarketing company in order to achieve this. Amvoc was approached by the UK sales director, Adrian Marsh, who was interested in targeting businesses across various industry sectors but with a specific emphasis on hotels, offices and retail establishments.

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Adrian had a number of objectives in mind in terms of the results he expected to see from a telemarketing campaign so Amvoc worked with this client closely in order to ensure we were able to execute the project successfully and deliver the desired results. Amvoc had to source the campaign data carefully and build a calling platform and contact strategy in order to drive the results. Amvoc had to work extremely closely with YourEnergy in order to ensure that we were able to convert completely cold data to qualified new prospects.

The Results:

Amvoc was selected by Adrian from YourEnergy because we have a proven track record, impressive client portfolio and because the communication with ourselves from the outset was professional and extremely responsive

Amvoc took the time to understand YourEnergy, their products and services and consolidated this vital information in order to embrace their brand and provide an exceptional service. Building a pipeline for this particular campaign was a long process so the trial we executed was, initially, for five weeks. Following a review, YourEnergy decided to use Amvoc services for a further 26 weeks using two of our telemarketing experts. The results we have achieved on behalf of YourEnergy speak for themselves and they continue to be a valued and important client.

If you would like to outsource your telemarketing in order to reduce costs and increase the productivity of your business in Cambridge, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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