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Are you looking for a professional and reputable telemarketing company in Buckinghamshire? Would your company benefit from using the hugely successful services provided by Amvoc?


Gavin Carlesen from Security Dispatch, a niche B2B IT security dispatcher, enquired with John, the new business manager from Amvoc, about using our services full time as his external marketing company.

Gavin had recently taken over Security Dispatch and had purchased the business for £275,000.00 prior to contacting Amvoc – he had purchased the business with the intention of expanding outside the UK. Amvoc has extensive experience in carrying our campaigns abroad as well as in the UK – a number of our team members are bilingual and have the necessary skills to carry out projects overseas.

For the last nine years, prior to Gavin taking over, Security Dispatch had enjoyed a steady turnover of over £700,000.00 per annum. Gavin had set his sights on making Security Dispatch a multimillion pound business within two years and needed assistance from expert marketers in order to do so.

Amvoc employs a number of experienced marketers who are all well known for their individual flair and “outside the box” thinking. Gavin was attracted the lively atmosphere in the Amvoc offices and was interested to find out whether not we would be able to add a bit of excitement to his product and generate some interest outside the UK.

Do you have specific telemarketing requirements, like Gavin from Security Dispatch, and would you like to discuss these with an extremely well established and reputable marketing consultancy in Buckinghamshire?


Security Dispatch had only ever advertised online using an active website and social media – the business had never tried any proactive telemarketing campaigns so, in order to prove just how good the team at Amvoc are, we offered Security Dispatch a two-week trial at a reduced rate.

Becoming familiar with the services provided by Security Dispatch was something that Amvoc left in the hands of our existing IT telesales team – a team of highly trained individuals with a specific interest in everything technology related!

Gavin did not have an existing database for us to work from so Amvoc arranged to build a database prior to making any calls on behalf of Security Dispatch– not an unusual request in the field of telemarketing especially when the client has a specific type of company in mind. Gavin was interested in targeting certain businesses of a distinct calibre and wanted Amvoc to spend time researching the companies before calling to try and arrange a meeting. Gavin wanted to build long-lasting and professional relationships with new businesses that were in need of network security products.


Focusing initially in the European sector, Amvoc was able to assist Gavin in achieving his goal of expanding his business throughout the UK.

Amvoc has now been working on behalf of Security Dispatch for 18 months and, largely thanks to our efforts and expertise, Gavin has achieved his goal of exceeding £2.5M turnover within two years of taking over the business.

Amvoc continues to work closely with Gavin and Security Dispatch to provide new leads which are now being targeted in the United States. The existing database that has been built now consist of thousands of companies that Security Dispatch would like to work with in the future – Amvoc also carries out email marketing campaigns on behalf of Security Dispatch on a monthly basis to remind potential clients of their presence and to update them with new information and innovation in relation to IT security. Amvoc is particularly proud of the success we have been able to achieve with tis account so far – we even exceeded our own expectations and targets.

If you would like to use a similar telemarketing service in Buckinghamshire, contact the new business team at Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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