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Are you aware that telemarketing in Bristol is the most cost-effective way of generating new business and successfully selling products?

Telemarketing is, quite possibly, the most cost-effective way to generate new business. By implementing a successful telemarketing campaign, Amvoc can speak to over 10 times more people on a daily basis on behalf of your business than can be visited face-to-face over the same timeframe. Telemarketing is a fraction of the cost of advertising campaigns and field sales and Amvoc will focus on approaching key decision-makers on your behalf. Would you get 200 businesses every day reading your advert in the local newspaper and considering your services? Highly unlikely – Amvoc can directly contact between 150 and 300 businesses on a daily basis on your behalf thus significantly improving your target market hit rates.


MailSecure is a well-established and market leading document storage and retrieval provider. With headquarters based in Bristol, the international group has over 5000 employees and works from over 300 locations throughout the world.MailSecure manages sensitive documents throughout their entire life cycles from creation through to filing, storage, retrieval, processing and, eventually, safe destruction. MailSecure approached Amvoc for telemarketing assistance in order to gain access to new clients in the public sector. MailSecure discussed the possibility of new client acquisition in the healthcare and government industry sectors.

Would you like to discuss your potential telemarketing campaign in Bristol with a consultancy that can offer you a bespoke and tailor-made campaign?


Amvoc has access to an up-to-date and well maintained database that contains contact details for a variety of key decision-makers within the public sector. MailSecure was interested in a UK wide campaign so Amvoc had to download thousands of records relating to the correct decision makers within these industries nationwide. After assessing the data and we had selected on behalf of MailSecure, Amvoc carried out a rigorous training exercise during which the team responsible for this particular account was required to learn about the business in depth.


Since the launch of the campaign on behalf ofMailSecure, the account has gone from strength to strength. Amvoc was able to impress the UK marketing manager ofMailSecure with our flexibility and our ability to listen to suggestions and change direction as required. Amvoc’s friendly yet professional approach to generating new business opportunities for this campaign was appreciated by all atMailSecure. MailSecure was particularly impressed with the return on investment they saw at the end of their 12 month campaign with us.

If you would like a telemarketing strategy to be designed on your behalf that offers an extremely competitive standard daily rate, contact our new business team in Bristol today on 0333 005 1403.

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