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Does your business have time and resource issues that mean in-house telemarketing campaigns are not efficient enough to have a significant impact on the growth of your business in Brighton? Does your new business sales pipeline need topping up? Do you think you need to improve your bottom line? Are you interested in carrying out research campaign into your marketplace to establish how best to grow your business?

Amvoc will work closely with you to ensure that we tailor a campaign that reaches the right target audience with the right message. Amvoc can help you to take your business forward and generate new leads or make successful sales on your behalf.


Hamley Richardson Training has, for the last twenty years, been one of the U.K.’s leading providers of learning and development solutions to some of the U.K.’s largest organisations. Hamley Richardson considers their business to be a market leader in providing a complete range of learning and development services to clients in the private and public sector.

Hamley Richardson offers a range of services such as learning and development strategy support, diagnostics, surveys and metric services, tailored and bespoke training solutions, open training programs, logistics services, managed services and outsourced training solutions. The operations director of Hamley Richardson, Brian Carsen, approached Amvoc for a solution to his expansion problems. Recently, Hamley Richardson had encountered a significant decline in the number of businesses using their learning and development consultancy services.

Do you hate cold calling prospective new clients and would you like your telemarketing to be handled by an experienced and professional firm in Brighton that will project the best possible image of your business in order to boost your new business generation?


Hamley Richardson required Amvoc to carry out a variety of projects including market research and appointment setting. In order to offer Hamley Richardson the best possible chance of securing new business, Amvoc had to ensure that the data we selected and the script we produced met the needs of our valued client. Amvoc was able to tailor a strategy that would benefitHamley Richardson by providing a responsive and flexible service.


Amvoc was able to provide Hamley Richardson with a variety of outbound telemarketing and telesales solutions to the challenges they presented. The quality of our work spoke for itself and Hamley Richardson benefited significantly from using our services.

Hamley Richardson now uses the services provided by Amvoc on a regular basis and Brian appreciates the flexibility with which we are able to run his campaign. Providing a cost-effective and flexible service is just one of the benefits of using an outsource telemarketing consultancy like Amvoc.

If you do not have a regular telemarketing team but you would like to find out how a campaign could help you to grow your business in Brighton, contact the telemarketing professionals from Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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