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Are you looking for a professional and dynamic telemarketing consultancy in Bradford to design and implement a successful campaign on behalf of your business in order to boost your profits? Would you like to leave your new business acquisition safe in the hands of the experts at Amvoc?

Amvoc can provide you with a service that is unique and specific to the needs of your individual business. Whether you are looking for someone to sell your product successfully over the phone or whether you are interested in making contact with new clients, Amvoc can design and carry out a campaign on your behalf that will maximise your businesses chances of growing successfully.

Every business will benefit from having more customers, and every business can achieve this by utilising a telemarketing consultancy like Amvoc as part of their sales and marketing campaign. It takes a special type of person to carry out a telemarketing project successfully - the types of personnel employed by Amvoc are exceptionally gifted and extremely resilient. Amvoc will focus time and energy on making your campaign successful in order to protect your investment in our services.

Would you like to discuss the use of telemarketing within your business and the ways in which Amvoc propose to generate new business or new sales on your behalf in Bradford?


E-Shop Commerce Solutions decided to approach Amvoc for assistance with their telemarketing as they did not have the capacity in-house to contend with the amount of calls they needed to make in order to develop new business opportunities. E-Shop Commerce Solutions had discussed their requirements with a number of different telemarketing providers but chose Amvoc to be the secondary extension of their business. E-Shop Commerce Solutions had already had previous experience of telemarketing and the director, Johan Miles, was very positive about using our services. E-Shop Commerce Solutions was looking for a telemarketing company that had technical experience and was prepared to provide an innovative solution to their outsource needs.


Amvoc had to be sure that we were approaching the right type of client on behalf of E-Shop Commerce Solutions - this meant we needed to provide data for businesses that had a genuine need for their services and e-commerce solutions. Amvoc approached large businesses and corporations in the Yorkshire area initially before expanding our search outside of this catchment area.


Amvoc completed the telemarketing trial campaign on behalf of E-Shop Commerce Solutions and exceeded their expectations significantly. Now Amvoc is negotiating with E-Shop Commerce Solutions to switch their full complement of telemarketing budget over to our capable and hard-working team.

If you would like to discuss your telemarketing needs with an experienced and professional consultancy based near Bradford, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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