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If you have been looking for a professional and successful telemarketing service, you need to speak to the experienced and proactive team at Amvoc. Amvoc is able to handle accounts from every industry sector – no matter what type of service you require, Amvoc has a team with the necessary skills to assist you in achieving your goal.

Amvoc was approached by an internet based company from Bedfordshire that was interested in using our services to boost their profits and add a number of new companies to their website. is a consumer service provider based in Bedfordshire – their client base is UK wide. Dan Thorpe, Managing Director of contacted Amvoc with a view to starting his project almost immediately. acts as a middle man between taxi companies and the general public. Someone needing a taxi visits, they book a taxi and the taxi providers registered on the site access the booking through their own account – an email or text is also sent to the taxi office. Amvoc was impressed with the ingenuity of the business and was interested to find out how we could assist Dan in helping his business grow. is used by businesses and members of the general public. In order for Door2door to be able to provide this service they need a number of taxi and private hire companies on their books. Dan was looking for meetings with taxi and private car hire companies so that he could then visit their premises and discuss the benefits of using his website.

Would you like to find out how Amvoc was able to help grow their business in Bedfordshire?

Our Strategy: wanted to expand their service to the ten largest cities in the UK – the team at Amvoc had to plan a methodical approach to doing so. Amvoc selected data using the most appropriate data provider – Amvoc has extremely good relationships with a number of data providers and, because we purchase so much data annually, we are able to provide this to our clients at a very good rate.

Amvoc selected sample data on behalf of We chose 200 taxi companies from the ten largest cities (by population) in the UK. We decided to test these 2000 accounts first to see what kind of response was generated when we started the campaign on behalf of

The Results:

Wow! had to ask Amvoc to slow with the bookings down because they simply did not have enough time with the sheer amount of appointments we were sending through. Amvoc methodically worked through the data city by city so that we were not making appointments for Dan and his business partner up and down the country. Amvoc encountered a vast amount of interest from the companies we were approaching – not surprising given that the services provided by are extremely beneficial to the companies we contacted. has grown significantly over these last few months and Amvoc is currently using the ad-agency side of our business to assist Dan in promoting the business to consumers.

If you would like to speak to a professional and successful telemarketing company in Bedfordshire about growing your business, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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