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Are you looking for an innovative and dynamic approach to telemarketing your business in Bath?

Amvoc has been expanding its client base in the UK and abroad for years and has already helped a significant number of clients gain access to quality new business opportunities in order to expand and grow their business in turn. Amvoc’s creative approach to telemarketing will ensure that your business is able to grow successfully but cost effectively.

Amvoc is not operated as a script run call centre by any means – all of our telesales executives work in an environment that is comfortable and relaxed. Working in a comfortable and relaxed environment does not mean that our telesales executives are unproductive; it means they are able to project an image of confidence in the products they are selling or marketing whilst feeling comfortable enough to add their own personality to each call.

All of our telesales executives are set targetsat the beginning of each campaign and, because Amvoc has selected unique and gifted individuals to work on our telemarketing team, we are easily able to achieve our goals because of our employees desire to succeed and exceed expectations. When Amvoc makes a phone call on your behalf, because of the high-tech equipment we have in place, it sounds like a prospective client is being called from an executive’s office and not from a bustling call centre. The last thing that Amvoc wants to project is the image that we are phoning from a call centre - nor do we want to dampen the spirits of our highly trained telemarketing executives by making them work like battery hens!

Would you like a telemarketing consultancy to work on your behalf that will project an image of professionalism whilst working on behalf of your business in Bath?


Revolution Communications is a provider of high tech and reliable business telephone assistance. Revolution Communications has a wide choice of business telephone systems available and an experienced team of IT and telecommunications experts that can assist a business with installing and using the best telephone system available for their needs. Revolution Communications was looking for new business opportunities and approached Amvoc after failing to carry out a successful telemarketing campaign in-house. Brian Darwin, director ofRevolution Communications decided to approach Amvoc after encountering a number of difficulties with cold calling.


The highly trained and results driven telemarketers at Amvoc fully understand how hard it is to cold call without training and experience – Amvoc was able to design a bespoke campaign on behalf of Revolution Communications using the skills we have built up in this field over a vast number of years.


Amvoc had selected data carefully on behalf ofRevolution Communications relating to businesses with a turnover of about £5 million – the expert telemarketers working on theRevolution Communications campaign decided that it would be more appropriate to approach larger companies that would have a greater need for the types of products available. The team working on behalf ofRevolution Communications was able to expand their client base significantly and Brian was incredibly pleased with the results that we achieved on their behalf.

If you are ready to discuss your telemarketing leads in Bath with a professional and intelligent thinking marketing consultancy, contact Amvoc on 0333 005 1403.

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