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Amvoc is one of the most prestigious telemarketing companies in the UK with a dynamic and unique team of driven telesales professionals. The telemarketers employed by Amvoc each have experience in different industry sectors and we are able to combine our knowledge to provide an exceptional service to any business. Amvoc has recently signed up a new client in Avon after completing an extremely successful trial to see if they would benefit from using our services longer term. Digital Services Ltd, an IT company based in Avon, approached the team at Amvoc to see if we could help them increase their customer base. Following a lengthy meeting with Mike McFee, technical director for Digital Services Ltd, during which we discussed his requirements and expectations, the IT telesales team at Amvoc developed a strategy that we thought would be appropriate for the needs of his business.

Mike was interested in targeting large corporations with or without an existing IT director or department. Some companies do not have the resources to employ someone to manage their technical support systems full time and rely on an outsource company to do so, other companies do have an in-house IT team but may not have the most up to date and innovative systems in place. Mike was interested in using our telesales services to market the following IT solutions to decision makers from large and well established businesses:

  • IT Support
  • IT Infrastructure Design & Installation
  • Web Site Design
  • Cloud
  • Telephony

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Our Strategy:

Amvoc had to establish where Mike was interested in marketing his business services geographically and what type of company he was interested in targeting. Every one of our clients has different requirements so we make sure the data we provide is tailored to their exact needs. Because mainly provides services to larger companies, Mike wanted to target companies with over 50 employees or with a minimum turnover of £5M per annum. Amvoc carefully examined Digital Services’ requirements before sourcing the data to be used by our telesales executives.

Whilst the correct data was being sourced for, the IT team at Amvoc was researching the company and becoming familiar with the products and services on offer – getting to know our clients and the services or products they provide is a vital part of marketing a business effectively. When Amvoc provide a telemarketing service on behalf of a company, we like to make ourselves an extension of that business – we are not just an outsource service provider! We look after your businesses interests as if they were our own.

Once the background research had been done, the two telemarketers responsible for calling the data on behalf of travelled to the company headquarters to get to know the business better – this provided us with a sound knowledge of the service we were providing.

The Results:

Thanks to the existing knowledge of our IT account managers combined with the information we gathered during our research, Amvoc was able to exceed the target we initially agreed with Mike. Amvoc had aimed to set one appointment per day for the sales manager of but we found we were able to achieve that easily – some days we sent as many as three or four appointments over. All of the appointments we provide were fully qualified and confirmed 24 hours in advance by ourselves.

Not every appointment they attended was converted into a sale but this is not uncommon - we are now discussing the option of using one of our field sales reps to visit potential clients after an appointment has been set by the telesales team.

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