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Would you like to increase your marketing and sales performance with results driven from the telemarketing services provided by Amvoc in order to, ultimately, increase the turnover of your business in Shropshire?

As the U.K.’s leading telemarketing consultancy, Amvoc delivers targeted and highly effective telemarketing campaigns for lead generation, appointment setting, direct sales over the phone, database enrichment, database cleansing and customer satisfaction surveys. Amvoc will tailor our approach to the needs of your business regardless of whether you need us to fully manage all of your lead generation and telemarketing activities or whether you need us to provide additional support to your existing new business team. Whatever your telemarketing needs, Amvoc will develop and plan a strategy that works best for your business. Amvoc is one of the fastest growing telemarketing consultancies in the UK thanks to the exceptional reputation we have developed amongst our existing client base.

Amvoc will provide your business with an experienced and highly qualified telesales advisor or team depending on the size of your campaign – all of the executives working here at Amvoc are mature, hard-working and sales driven individuals who love nothing more than smashing their targets on a daily basis!

Are you looking for a professional and unique telemarketing consultancy to handle your outsourced new business generation in Shropshire?


The Shropshire Nut Company contacted Amvoc with an enquiry about using our services to generate new business opportunities. Amvoc arranged a meeting with the managing director of The Shropshire Nut Company, Alan Shires, in order to discuss his needs and the outcome he wanted to achieve them from using our telemarketing services. The Shropshire Nut Company manufactures specialist and unique luxury porridge and muesli mixes using only the highest quality nuts, dried fruits, seeds. Prior to contacting Amvoc, The Shropshire Nut Company had extended their selection of produce to include super foods including Goji Berries, Cacao Nibs and Barley and Wheat Grass Powder - it was these products that the company was interested in highlighting to potential clients.


Alan wanted Amvoc to gain orders from his existing companies, mostly health food shops and delicatessens, and also gain new clients to purchase the products produced by The Shropshire Nut Company. In order to complete this project successfully, Amvoc had to load the existing data provided by Alan into our customer relationship management system and procure new data with information relating to the new target market. Amvoc was able to successfully select UK wide data relating to health food shops, delicatessens and elite food suppliers.


Due to the high quality of the product we are marketing and the niche market sectors we are targeting, Amvoc has, to this date, achieved great success on behalf of The Shropshire Nut Company. Amvoc has approached this particular campaign as if we were marketing our own business and has nurtured it to success. The return on investment made by Alan is huge and he is incredibly pleased to have Amvoc is an integral part of his business.

If you would like to discuss your telemarketing needs with a dynamic and innovative marketing consultancy that has experience in developing businesses in Shropshire, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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