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Are you looking for a lead generation service that can open up new opportunities for your commercial cleaning business by using tried and tested telemarketing strategies? Would you like to attend meetings with business decision makers that have a genuine need for the type of commercial cleaning service that you provide?

Client Background:

Ideal Sanitation is a niche market cleaning company that specialises in private sector sanitisation. Ideal Sanitation was looking for a route into the public sector but had encountered difficulties when attempting to book appointments using their own members of staff (none of which had telemarketing training.) Stanley Berks, Managing Director of Ideal Sanitation, had heard about the benefits of telemarketing and wanted to put it to the test to see if it would help his business.

Campaign Objectives:

Ideal Sanitation is not the usual type of cleaning company - they are a unique and specialist business that has the necessary equipment and training to carry out the types of cleaning contracts that no one else wants to do! Ideal Sanitation specialises in virus sanitation, hygiene cleaning in particularly hazardous areas and end of tenancy cleaning following the unfortunate death of the tenant in the property. Ideal Sanitation also specialises in crime scene sanitation. Ideal Sanitation was interested in Amvoc generating leads for two particular areas of their business – virus sanitation and end of tenancy sanitation. Amvoc had to target two very different areas during this campaign in order to make sure that we were targeting the right types of potential client with the service that was most relevant to their needs.

Would you like Amvoc to design a commercial cleaning telemarketing strategy that will produce the best results and meet the desired outcomes you have in mind for the project?

Proposed Strategy:

Amvoc carefully selected data relating to local councils and housing associations with a view to approaching them about the end of tenancy sanitation services offered by Ideal Sanitation. In terms of selecting data for the virus sanitation lead generation campaign, Amvoc had to select data that related to businesses that would benefit from an anti-viral sanitising programme. All hard surface areas can be treated with the anti-viral sanitisation products and is mostly relevant to premises that see a highly flow of human traffic on a daily basis. Amvoc decided to, during the trial viral sanitation campaign, contact a selection of organisations and carry out a small market research project in order to analyse where we were generating the best response. After testing a sample of data with the viral sanitation project, Amvoc had the best response from organisations that had regular contact with children and patients.

Client testimonial:

“Ideal Sanitation has significantly benefitted from using Amvoc’s lead generations services. Our foot was already in the door when we attended a meeting with our local council thanks to the hard work that had been put into building the initial relationship over the phone. We now provide end of tenancy sanitation services to the local authority and the value of that contract alone was worth using Amvoc! The virus sanitation side of our business has also grown massively thanks to the way in which Amvoc marketed our business so well. Thank you – I don’t know if there is anything more you could possibly do for us!”

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