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Have you considered using a CCTV lead generation service in order to grow your business by making contact with potential clients that have a genuine need for your services?

Using CCTV equipment is a lawful way of deterring criminal activity around your business premises and as a way of protecting your premises. There are a number of laws in relation to the Data Protection Act a business must adhere to if they do use CCTV to protect their property. In order for a business to abide by the laws relating to the use of CCTV they must put in place a sign that lets people know that CCTV equipment is being used and why. If someone has been recorded on the CCTV equipment, the business has an obligation to provide the images within 40 days but can charge up to £10 for doing so. It is a legal requirement for businesses to share CCTV images with authorities like the police if they are requested. Images should only be kept as long as businesses need them.

Amvoc was contacted by a commercial CCTV equipment supplier and installer that was interested in using our lead generation service in order to boost their client acquisition. Commercial Security CCTV Direct contacted Amvoc for a quote for using our lead generation service. Amvoc designed an extremely attractive proposal on behalf of Commercial Security CCTV Direct that would deliver the desired results whilst staying within their telemarketing budget.

Does your business sell CCTV equipment and have you considered using a lead generation service in order to boost your sales?

Campaign Strategy:

Based in Leeds, Commercial Security CCTV Direct wanted to grow their client base within their immediate geographical location. There are so many options available to businesses looking into using telemarketing in relation to the types of industry they wish to contact and the geographical areas in which they wish to grow that Amvoc has to establish a client’s requirements prior to selecting the relevant data. David Boyle, Managing Director of Commercial Security CCTV Direct, wanted leads from businesses within a 75 mile radius of his property postcode related to businesses that would have a genuine need for his equipment and systems. Amvoc decided to eliminate certain industry sectors from the data based on the experience we had already generated in the CCTV lead generation arena of telemarketing. Small cafes, nail salons and similar small businesses do not generally tend to consider a CCTV monitoring system to be necessary. Larger businesses, especially those storing high value stock, were definitely better potential clients for this campaign.


Amvoc identified a number of unique selling points that we were able to integrate into our campaign in order to generate a significant amount of interest in the equipment and services provided by Commercial Security CCTV Direct. Commercial Security CCTV Direct has a team of CCTV installation experts that are more than happy to visit prospective clients at their premises and provide a free quote for installing and maintaining a CCTV system. The experienced team at Amvoc was able to identify businesses that had a genuine interest in the equipment and services available from Commercial Security CCTV Direct and pass their information through to David who then arranged a meeting to provide a quotation. The feedback we received from David was excellent and he was extremely impressed with the quality of the leads that were sent over during the campaign.

If you would like to be provided with a professional CCTV lead generation service in order to establish new business opportunities, contact Amvoc now on 0333 005 1403.

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