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Do you realise just how much your car dealership would benefit from a successful telemarketing campaign? Are you looking to make a significant return on investment with your marketing efforts and would you like Amvoc to plan a campaign that will guarantee excellent results?

Client Background:

Amvoc was given the opportunity to test a campaign for one of the U.K.’s largest car dealerships. The car dealership in question sells one of the most popular makes of car but wanted to test a campaign in order to boost their after sales profits. When the manager of the car dealership approached Amvoc it was with a view to carrying out a telemarketing campaign in order to test the market in terms of generating leads, using their database, for products sales such as extended warranties and car servicing.

Campaign Objectives:

The manager of the car dealership had very clear objectives in mind. The database that he wanted us to work on contained the contact details of customers that had purchased a car from their dealership within the last three years. A list of questions was to be asked about the service they received, for example, were they satisfied with the car they purchased, where they satisfied with the way in which the sale was handled by the representative at the dealership, prior to introducing the after sales products.

Would you like to find out how Amvoc plans to drive more customers to your car dealership by using our telemarketing expertise and knowledge of this industry sector?

Proposed Strategy:

This campaign has the potential to lead to a nationwide telemarketing project that could see Amvoc carrying out after sales telemarketing for every one of the dealerships within this business. Amvoc had to be sure that we generated the best possible results on behalf of the dealership in order to secure a much larger long-term contract. For this particular campaign, Amvoc did not need to supply the data we simply uploaded the dealerships existing database into our state-of-the-art customer relationship management system. Amvoc designed a strategy that would ensure we converted the highest number of contacts into positive leads for the dealership. Amvoc became familiar with the benefits of using a genuine car dealership for MOTs, service appointments and the provision of manufacturer parts before passing on this information to potential customers.

Client testimonial:

“So far, Amvoc have done a fantastic job on this campaign and we have seen our after sales revenue soar for this particular dealership. The main directors are now discussing the possibility of using Amvoc services for other dealerships throughout the UK that are struggling to increase their after sales profits. We are extremely glad to have Amvoc on board and are grateful for the flexibility they provide in terms of the campaign lengths and usage of their services.” Dealership Manager.

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