6 Winning qualities your telemarketing agency should own

In recent times different dynamics have changed, partly because of the hectic lifestyle that characterizes contemporary society. It is very difficult to find a time when customers are available to listen, which is why we must adopt new strategies, Outbound Appointment Setting and new sales approaches.

Rule number one is: DO NOT disturb!

Whoever holds the role of Telemarketer must be able to find as much information as possible about his potential client, before going on the attack. The "key questions" could be: What job do you do? How many hours are you away from home? Do you work even on weekends? What time dinner with family members? What time is he back from the gym? What time do you go to take your children to school? What products or services are you interested in?

In other words, applying Effective Outsourcing Telemarketing Companies Techniques means putting yourself in the other person's shoes and understanding what is the best circumstance for talking.

Locate the most suitable time

Learning about a client's habits is essential. If you call him at an unwanted time, for example while he is doing some housework or while he is resting, he may not answer you, or respond to you for education, but may not be very disposed towards you. In the worst case he could insult you and immediately close the conversation.

Dedicate yourself completely to the phone call

In the office we are increasingly inundated with work and tend to want to do many tasks at once, with often insufficient or even catastrophic results.

It happens every now and then to see agents simultaneously on the phone and driving, even without a headset or hands-free. Can't find it a superficial attitude? An Outbound Appointment Setting requires maximum concentration, since you need to be ready to handle all possible obstacles, including the objections raised by customers. Dedicating yourself completely to the conversation in a quiet place, you can take notes and respond more clearly to each question.

Smile during the conversation

Perhaps you are thinking that a smile can only be perceived through the sense of sight, but it is not. A sincere and spontaneous smile can produce some sounds that even your interlocutors are able to hear. If the potential customer responds to you with a smile, it means that the call is working and you have managed to create an empathic relationship.

Furthermore, by using friendly language - but not too informal - you will be able to set the long-awaited appointment and conclude the conversation successfully.

Adapt the Communication Style to the Target

It is very important that a relationship of collaboration and exchange is created between the Consumer and the Seller. Such as? You must set up a right communication strategy that takes into account the target audience. Don't limit yourself to making proposals impersonally, but listen carefully to all the requests, needs and desires of your customers.

Create a Basic Phone Call Scheme

It is very important to create a starting scheme on which to structure the call. Thanks to it you will be able to direct the interlocutors on the points of main interest of the negotiation.

Stimulate the Client's curiosity

Do not disclose to your potential customers all the details of what you will tell them in the next interview phase. If you can create a bit of suspense and curiosity, they will be the ones to request an appointment to learn more about the subject.


Telemarketing techniques have undergone many changes compared to the past. Dealing with change and adapting to new sales strategies will certainly bring benefits to your business. Outsourcing Telemarketing Companies can still be a valid business solution, if planned correctly.

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