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Have you noticed a significant decline in your bathroom equipment sales and would you like to find out how telemarketing could generate interesting new business opportunities?

Client Background:

Prestige Aquarooms was attracted to the services offered by Amvoc because of the unique approach we take to business to business telemarketing. Amvoc has developed a unique culture that enables us to operate at an entirely different level to other businesses in this industry. Amvoc will supply you with an intelligent telemarketing service that is tailored to the needs of your business. Prestige Aquarooms was looking for an external telemarketing department to work in conjunction with their in-house sales team. The Sales Director from Prestige Aquarooms who attended the initial meeting with the team at Amvoc said he liked our unscripted and revolutionary approach to telemarketing. Amvoc offers a bespoke and professional sales advocacy that can help businesses generate new opportunities by contacting key decision-makers with a genuine requirement for a particular service.

Campaign Objectives:

Prestige Aquarooms is a wholesale supplier of quality bathroom equipment and fittings. The majority of the sales made by Prestige Aquarooms are to plumbers and those in the construction industry. The objective of the campaign on behalf of Prestige Aquarooms was to build up long-term relationships with plumbers and other businesses in the construction industry in order to, eventually, generate successful sales.

Would you like Amvoc do design a bathroom equipment telemarketing campaign exclusively for the needs of your business? Would you like Amvoc to open the doors to new horizons in terms of boosting our sales?

Proposed Strategy:

Amvoc was able to design an intelligent sales technique after getting to know the products supplied by Prestige Aquarooms in detail. Two of our telesales executives spent three days in the warehouse and inbound sales office at Prestige Aquarooms in order to get a real feel for the business and learn about the way the business works. With this campaign, Amvoc aimed to provide significant market experience and insights as well as provide a high level and professional sales service. Amvoc decided to test 2000 records for Prestige Aquarooms and, during the initial phase of the campaign, our goal was to contact the decision maker within a plumbing or bathroom fitting business in order to give them access to the trade section of the website. Once we had supplied them with a username and password so they could see the highly competitive prices of the products supplied by Prestige Aquarooms, it was then the responsibility of the telemarketers to follow up these leads in order to start taking orders.

Client testimonial:

“I really can see Amvoc becoming a long-term partner of Prestige Aquarooms. The work they have done so far on this initial campaign is unbelievably impressive with over 200 new businesses signing up to the trade section of our website in the first two weeks of the campaign. Although this campaign is still in the initial phases it is showing extremely promising signs of success. I look forward to the results at the end of this first campaign.” Prestige Aquarooms Sales Director. If you are interested in starting a bathroom equipment telemarketing campaign in order to grow your business in the right industry sector, contact Amvoc on 0333 005 1403.

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