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Would you like to find out how your bakery equipment manufacturing or supply business could benefit from using the telemarketing services provided by Amvoc?

Client Background:

Brook-Baker Equipment is one of the UKs leading suppliers of baking equipment to the catering trade. Charles Brook, managing Director of Brook-Baker Equipment freely admitted during his initial meeting with Amvoc that their record keeping was “shocking” and “out of control”. His matter of fact approach to the proposed campaign and the joking yet professional manner with which he discussed his campaign was incredibly refreshing and Amvoc was looking forward to working with such a great character. Charles wanted Amvoc to completely overhaul the database they held containing the details of over 7,500 records spanning over 30 years!

Campaign Objectives:

The objective of the project that Amvoc discussed with Brook-Baker Equipment was to update the database and make sure that the contacts contained within it were accurate and still had a genuine requirement for the product supplied by the business. Amvoc also decided to add an additional element to the campaign and prequalify existing data accounts to determine whether or not they still use, or need to use, the equipment supplied by Brook-Baker Equipment.

Are you interested in carrying out a bakery equipment telemarketing campaign in order to boost your sales or generate new and exciting leads that could add to your client base?

Proposed Strategy:

With quite a few of the campaigns we carry out on behalf of businesses, Amvoc is required to source and supply the data. With this particular campaign however, Amvoc was supplied with the data so it was a relatively straightforward process of uploading the data straight into our customer relationship management system. Uploading the data into our state-of-the-art CRM system immediately eliminated duplicate accounts which solves a multitude of problems; clients are not contacted twice which may seem unprofessional nor is any valuable telemarketing time wasted by contacting the same business more than once.

Client testimonial:

“I had been meaning to get someone to sort out the data filing system for years but it kept growing and growing and I just did not have the resources to put one of my employees on to it full time. I could not be more grateful to the fantastic team at Amvoc that took the chore out of this particular task. Not only do I now have a much more efficient and relevant list of clients, Amvoc kept sending warm leads through (which was not part of the service but much appreciated.) I will be returning to Amvoc to use their services again. Thank you.” Charles Brook, Brook-Baker Equipment.

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