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Is your audio and visual equipment & supply business struggling with new client acquisition or retention and would you like to find out how Amvoc can solve this problem by providing a successful lead generation service?

Client Background:

Audioviz Experts is a specialist supplier of audio visual equipment and has the knowledge, expertise and ability to ensure that an event organiser has access to the right audio visual presentation equipment and supporting products. Not only does Audioviz Experts supply audio visual equipment and products, they also supply additional products such as tables, chairs, swan ice moulds, dance floors, champagne fountains and much more.

Audioviz Experts supplies equipment and services for events such as corporate functions, conferences, exhibitions and also for private events and functions. One of their specialist areas is providing technical equipment for awards ceremonies in the business sector. Audioviz Experts prides themselves on providing flawless and high quality audio visual solutions.

Campaign Objectives:

Amvoc had an in-depth discussion with the directors at Audioviz Experts, including their Senior Partner Sarah Manners, about the results they wanted to achieve from a telemarketing campaign. Audioviz Experts had a definite interest in a certain target market and wanted Amvoc to focus on generating leads within the commercial and corporate sectors. The primary objective of the campaign that Amvoc had to develop and behalf of Audioviz Experts was to pitch their services to conference and exhibition organisers in order to generate interest and identify new business opportunities. The secondary objective of the Audioviz Experts was that Amvoc to carry out an investigation in order to analyse the types of market that would, most likely, benefit from using their services so that we could then follow this up with a successful email marketing campaign prior to carrying out a secondary telemarketing project.

Do you need a dynamic team of audio visual equipment & supply lead generation experts to help you meet new business opportunities?

Proposed Strategy:

Amvoc had to develop a strategic approach to this project in order to ensure our client’s objectives were met. The team at Amvoc made sure they were clear about whether Audioviz Experts wanted to take a national or regional approach to the campaign prior to accessing the data in the relevant industry sectors. We also had to make sure that Audioviz Experts were happy with the size of the business we intended to target. With the correct data in place, Amvoc briefed and trained the telemarketers that were to be responsible for this campaign. A written brief was supplied to the team and was followed up with a presentation prior to starting the cause.

Client testimonial:

“Amvoc certainly helped us to get our foot in the door by providing us with extremely good quality leads for businesses that had a real use for our services. From the leads that we were provided with by Amvoc, Audioviz Experts has generated a significant amount of new business and cannot thank the team in for the effort they put in to making our campaign work.” Sarah Manners, Senior Partner at Audioviz Experts.

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