Service Sales

Service Sales

Service sales telemarketing
Amvoc is a results-driven telemarketing consultancy that will help you to develop new business relationships and strengthen existing ones.

We can ensure that your campaign will deliver fast and high quality results. All of our sales campaigns are tailor made to fit in with our clients existing sales process and result in a seamless extension to your marketing department.

Pressure turns coal into diamonds
Our telesales executives thrive on working in a high pressure environment and have the drive to excel with every challenge they are presented with.

Amvoc’s extremely capable and proactive service sales team has the requisite industry knowledge to work for any organisation from any sector.

Outsourcing service sales
If you outsource your services sales to Amvoc, you gain instant access to a highly driven and fully trained team of naturally gifted sales executives.

Outsourcing eliminates capital cost, headcount increases and substantial overheads. Do you have the capacity, time and funds to employ a team of talented telesales people? You will need to invest in a CRM system, a state of the art telephone system, telesales technology and you will also have to find the space for your new team. Continuous training will be required which adds to the overall cost.

For a low monthly cost, you could literally save thousands of pounds by outsourcing your service sales.

Getting Started
Nothing screams unprofessional more than a clueless telemarketer that does not have the necessary product knowledge to deviate from the script – we want to achieve success on your behalf!

We need to fully understand your business before selling your services so we will spend some time getting to know your organisation prior to designing the campaign.

Using Amvoc as your external sales department is definitely the most cost effective option for your business – no overheads or set up fees – and we guarantee to get the results!

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