Product Sales

Product Sales

Selling products over the phone can be a notoriously difficult numbers game and it takes an experienced person to execute such a project successfully.

No matter what you are selling, the majority of sales follow a similar pattern.

The prospect of cold calling can have businesses quaking in their boots and many organisations ignore the benefits of telesales because they have yet to find the right approach.

The first few words spoken at the beginning of a phone call can make or break a sale. You need a compelling opening statement in order to grab your prospects attention and generate sufficient interest in the product you are selling.

Closing a sale is as important as building a relationship with a prospect. Until the sale is closed a business has not benefitted from the call. Closing a sale on a cold call is much harder that closing a warm sale; you will need to master the different strategies involved in selling over the phone depending on your target audience.

Let the sales team at Amvoc take the ordeal out of selling over the phone. Our professional telemarketers have been in the sales field for years and each has an impressive background history in a variety of industry sectors.

We have sophisticated technology systems in-house that will allow us to become a virtual extension of your business. You can concentrate on the day to day running of your organisation and let us get on with the task of boosting your sales.

We can handle the entire sales cycle on your behalf from sourcing data through to order, dispatch and credit control.

Let us show you our talents in the sales field by providing you with an incredibly valuable solution to your proactive selling.

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