B2C Telemarketing

Business to Consumer Telemarketing (B2C) Companies

Business to consumer telemarketing is the sale of products or services to the end-user, sometimes referred to as “Joe Public” and is often vastly different to B2B telemarketing.

Instant interaction with potential customers is achieved through B to B telemarketing and should produce a much better response rate.

B2C telemarketing is a guaranteed way of gaining an express answer from a client if you are carrying out a customer survey project and is also a sure-fire way to drive sales if you are selling products or services.

With direct telemarketing or telesales you get the opportunity to cross sell products over the phone if have the ability to identify that a client has a need you can meet – this cannot be done with any other type of marketing.

Prior to starting a telemarketing campaign aimed at consumers, Amvoc will gain a clear understanding of your organisation, products and services so we can design a bespoke project that will drive down costs and increase sales efficiencies.

You need to improve your performance and increase your profitability in order to get ahead in your market and stay there.

Business to consumer telemarketing requires endurance, resilience and determination. Our B2C team consists of telemarketing professionals that has an impressive track record of success in this particular field of telesales.

From solar panels and conservatories to pet insurance and holiday cover, Amvoc has the market knowledge necessary to become an integrated and vital part of your marketing strategy.

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