B2B Telemarketing

Business To Business (B2B) Lead Generation and Outbound Telemarketing Services in London

Is telemarketing still an effective lead generation tool in the current world of digital and social marketing?

Telemarketing, according to two major independent surveys conducted in 2012, is one of the top three marketing channels used to generate quality and quantity complex. Even with digital and social marketing channels becoming increasingly popular, telemarketing still remains supremely effective when it comes to B2B lead generation for the longer term sale.

Of course, in order to optimise B2B lead generation ROI, companies need to understand the short and long term sales processes involved in telemarketing. Businesses that are involved in a long term sales process have a much more complex lead education and nurturing process than those with a shorter sales process.

B2B sales with a complex strategy require a sophisticated and precise campaign in order produce the desired results whether this is a sale or a face-to face appointment.

Identify prospects → Get a foot in the door → Qualify the lead → Build a relationship → Nurture the relationship → Optimize and capitalise → SELL

A reliable, investment worthy telemarketing campaign needs synergy in order to continuously adapt and perfect a sales programme and complement existing marketing methods so that the sales pipeline is viable and bringing in revenue.

An organisation can never have too many new business opportunities but understanding how to capitalise and cash in on these opportunities is as important as securing the prospects in the first place.

B2B Telemarketing Services in the UK

B2B Telemarketing Services will boost your new business lead generation and potentially send your sales through the roof.

B2B Telemarketing, however, is not for everyone. Consistently calling an average of 170 to 180 new prospects per day is the only way to achieve success with telemarketing.

Do you have the time and the determination? Have you considered the huge costs involved in setting up a proactive telemarketing team in-house?

Outsourcing to a team of sales orientated and experienced telemarketing experts is your best option.

Amvoc will get to know your company before designing a bespoke campaign that integrates fluidly with your existing sales strategy.

The type of campaign you will benefit from depends on your sales process. Lead generation differs to direct sales and falls into a different area of the sales cycle.

Integrating a campaign is extremely important – you may have the leads but struggle to make the sales or you may have the client base but no area for growth.

If you do not have a proactive marketing strategy in place at all, Amvoc’s lead generation services can help you to get your new business acquisition/retention in shape by producing a tailor made and integrated multi-channel campaign.

Professional business to business telemarketing companies will enhance your reputation and your presence in the market. Amvoc will focus on achieving the highest quality leads for you whilst maximizing your conversion rates.

We are genuinely interested in ensuring that you only receive the highest quality service and sales leads – we will not compromise on quality.

Amvoc will make your B2B Telemarketing campaign simple to commission and easy to understand. Your campaign will also produce successful results consistently.

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