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Outdated Marketing

Update Your Marketing Plans!

“Small firms need to think more deeply about their marketing if they are to stand out from competitors.

Research suggests that nearly half of small and medium-sized firms – those with 200 or fewer staff – simply replicate what they have done in the past or copy their competitors.

Worse, almost no small firms predict what the results of marketing campaigns are likely to be.” Read more:

QED, a software company, carried out research into the marketing strategies of SMEs and found that the majority of small companies are not moving forward with the times and planning their marketing strategy to keep up with an increasingly competitive marketplace.

It was also identified that small businesses rarely ever take advice from a professional about planning their marketing. Even without a blue chip budget, it is still possible for SMEs to access professional advice about their strategy and plan something that will fit into their marketing funds.

The thought of spending a fortune outsourcing marketing to a professional company can have many business owners balking. This is mainly because they have not looked into it properly and crunched the numbers.

Outsourcing to a professional marketing consultancy is surprisingly cost effective and the company you choose is responsible for ensuring that your marketing budget is used to its full potential. The cost of acquiring, training and retaining an internal marketing department is significantly more than handing the responsibility to a company that knows what they are doing.

All marketing companies are aware that they have to achieve results in order to keep their clients – their livelihood depends on the success they have with each and every client. A professional outsource marketing consultancy will also have the industry knowledge and marketing experience required to offer your business the best possible solution.

If you think that your current strategy is failing or if you think it’s time to test the waters by changing your approach to marketing you really should seek advice from a professional.

The world is ever changing and the marketplace is becoming ever more competitive – if you don’t change your approach at the same rate your strategy will soon become out of date and ineffective.

Make sure you are reaching out to every corner of the marketplace with a marketing strategy that falls within your budget – let the experts handle your marketing, sales or advertising so you are free to concentrate on running your business successfully.