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Struggling To Get The Best Form In-House Telemarketing

Are You Getting The Best From In House Telesales?

The main problem with in-house telemarketing and telesales is producing a good return on employment and investment costs including, but not limited to:
• Salaries and bonuses.
• Sick pay, national insurance and PAYE.
• Training.
• Insurance.
• Telephone bills.
• Software systems for running an efficient campaign.
• Recruiting.
• Management.
• Data.
• Working environment.

Not only does housing an in-house telemarketing team attract significant overheads, you have to monitor the performance of your members of staff to ensure you are getting a return from your investment. Key Performance Indicators measure the most relevant aspect of the job and give a good indication as to whether successful calls are being achieved. You need to track how many conversions are being achieved and how many call attempts are needed to reach this outcome.

Recruitment is one of the biggest nightmares a company will encounter when searching for experienced and successful telemarketers. You need to be incredibly clear about what is expected in the role on a daily basis. Deter procrastinators from applying for a job by advertising the targets clearly. You want motivated, focused and driven individuals on your team if you are to achieve your sales targets. You do not need to give recruits any excuse for focusing on anything other than their marketing efforts so make sure that the job role is identified from the outset.

Managing performance will ensure that telemarketers do not lose sight of that target. You need to spend some time thinking about how you will manage performance from the start of a campaign as this will save you a lot of time in the long run. You will need to provide training support and you will also need to review activity and results on a regular basis. How do you manage your telemarketing teams’ performance?

When you are running an in-house telemarketing team, your campaign will need to be structured so that the overall goal is broken down into manageable chunks. Not only is this a powerful tool when forecasting the success of similar campaigns, it allows for some variety to be integrated into the role and gives telemarketers the opportunity to earn their rewards.

Telemarketing generally follows a particular cycle, so you need to be sure that your team fully understands the cycle. You would usually start by prospecting data before making initial contact and pitching your products or services.

You can give your telemarketers a good head start by sourcing data that is relevant to your particular target market. You need to strategically plan your approach prior to making initial contact with a prospect so that you have the best chance of engaging in conversation.

How effective is your telemarketing team at overcoming objections? It easy enough to pick up the phone and ask for a name. You can have a script that delivers an incredibly successful opening, so what happens when you are faced with an objection?

If your telemarketers have not been trained to handle objections tactfully and expertly, you are throwing your marketing budget at a lost cause. Training is vital, especially at the beginning of a project. You need to anticipate objections prior to the start of a campaign and ensure all staff are familiar with the information that will help them to overcome any obstacles.

Once objections have been overcome, a sale will need to be closed in order for any results to be seen. Without sealing the deal, an in-house telemarketing team will be completely ineffective.

Make sure that your team members know how to close a sale and gain a commitment. If you employ people that are more customer services orientated, not hardened and success driven sales people, your in-house telesales team is virtually useless.

So, on a scale of one to 10, how efficient is your telesales team? You may need to have a serious think about outsourcing if you are not seeing a return from your in-house efforts. Outsourcing will cut all of your overheads in terms of employing telemarketers and you will pay one low monthly cost to a company that will guarantee you see a return.