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Amvoc Inbound Paintballing – June 2014

Walking in to work this morning I couldn't help but feel a little smug. Moans of “never again” filled the office. No, the inbound team had not been out drinking but they had attended a team building exercise over the weekend at the Harrogate Paintball Centre.

The inbound team at Amvoc works long hours in order to provide clients with a service from 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week, which means that at least 5 of the team are always working overtime until late on an evening; this leaves very little time for everyone socialising together out of work and getting to know each other on a personal level.

Someone had to stay and man the phones in the office on the Saturday of the paintballing and I was quick to volunteer along with a few members of staff from the proactive outbound team. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t want to go; it’s just that I have experienced the never again feeling of paintballing before and not much could have convinced me to have another go!

Getting hit by the paintballs is not the deterring issue for me, although it does leave some pretty impressive bruises; it’s the delayed aching that develops 24 hours afterwards resulting from behaving like I have the fitness levels and skills of a navy seal commando when I clearly don’t. I distinctly remember throwing myself on the ground and crawling through undergrowth with the enthusiasm of an army cadet. It wasn’t until the next day that I realised my body was not in any fit state for that level of activity. Walking into the office on Monday morning free of aches and feeling as fresh as a daisy certainly had its benefits although everyone was remarkably perky despite the obvious over exertion.

After the paintballing, however, I did meet the team for dinner at a nearby pub and they were all buzzing from the day’s events. It was just as enjoyable to see how excited everyone was as it would have been had I attended the event itself. Walking into the pub to see the whole team sitting together in the beer garden chatting about the day was lovely; it is not often we get the opportunity to do so.

The highlight of the day appeared to be the Managing Director – Damian Brockway – being shot in the back, repeatedly, at point blank range, by his son. All of the inbound team sat in the sun, most with a beer, recalling the day’s events. As far as team building events go this one was a big success. Most of the guys had, at some point, been shot in the head, so were sporting some pretty colourful streaks in their hair. Everyone was laughing and, thankfully, no grudges were being held for any of the shots fired throughout the day. Everyone made a massive effort to join in with the fun on the day – even those who would not normally be seen dead sporting overalls, goggles and a gun!

Thoughts from the team:
“I’m glad I did it. I did enjoy it, apart from the pain. If I did do it again I would be wrapping myself up like the Michelin man.”

“I wanted to be the sniper in the background just picking people off but the guns aren’t very accurate. Stupid balls filled with liquid don’t go where they are supposed to so I ended up having to go out. And I got shot in the head.”

“I enjoyed it. I was awesome. We got two flags and we stuffed them.”

“Everyone loved it. We had had a great day. I am feeling it now though.”

After a very busy few months for the inbound team the paintballing was definitely a much needed break from work and a great way to let loose. Thankfully the weather stayed fine for the team building event which just made it a fantastic day all round.

Huge thanks to our MD Damian for funding the paintballing and the meal out afterwards; it was definitely well deserved for all that attended. The next big day out is a companywide event with over 60 Amvoc employees attending York Races. There should be a few amusing tales to tell after that!