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Amvoc Corporate race day 2014

On Saturday 23rdSeptember 2014 the staff at Amvoc enjoyed the Betfred day out at the Ebor festival – the oldest, richest, fastest and most famous races at York combined with fashion and guaranteed fun. The feature race of the day was the Betfred Ebor, the oldest, and most famous, race at York and the richest handicap in Europe. Occupying the Knavesmire stand at York races, over 60 Amvoc employees descended for a day of amazing food, fabulous wine and even better company. The day startedin the local pub, opened early especially for Amvoc, with a full English breakfast and a chance for the race-goers to admire the array of amazing hats, fascinators and sharp suits. It is quite safe to say that the Amvoc team outdid themselves with their dresses and snazzy outfits. Once breakfast was over it was York bound on a coach; the excitement was clearly building on the way to the racecourse with most barely able to contain themselves!

Once at York an amazing array of food greeted them in their own personal box with a balcony affording spectacular views of the racecourse. Lunch consisted of 3 delectable courses and, of course,wine to compliment the food. Following on from this there was also an afternoon tea selection of sandwiches, cakes and strawberries and cream. I think it’s fair to say everyone had their fair share of divine cuisine throughout the full day.

Then it was time for the horses. Tips were passed around throughout the group and it was easy to tell which members of staff had fluttered on the GG’s before. Bets were placed for the first race, everyone had their horse, everyone wanted to win and the atmosphere was electric. With exclusive use of a private balcony, the view of the full course was immense and everyone was able to watch the race from start to finish. As the horses came in for the last furlong the hype built as did the noise, closely followed by the cheers of a few winners. Very few winners! This continued for a further 5 races with a few individuals very delighted at the end of the day; others feeling infinitely poorer!

As the day came to a close, it was back to the coach for the ride home. The atmosphere didn’t disappear when the coach left the racecourse; many Amvoc employees disembarked in Harrogate and continued partying into the early hours. Even now everyone is still talking about the races and ideas are being thrown around about how to top the day with the next corporate event.

Back in the office on Tuesday following the bank holiday it was still possible to still feel the excitement in the various Amvoc offices – for weeks the stories continued and Amvoc will always look back on that Saturday, the 23rd of September 2014, as one of the best corporate days had by Amvoc staff, and eagerly await the next.

Huge thanks to Damian Brockway (MD) for his generosity in funding the transport, the box, the balcony, the food and the wine! All the staff at Amvoc are incredibly grateful for such an amazing day out and appreciate the cost, effort and organisation involved in the event.