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AMVOC Announce New Offices in Summerbridge!

We are extremely pleased to announce the opening of our new office at New York Mills Industrial Estate to house our ever-growing team of telemarketers, email-marketers, professional copywriters and call centre management staff.

In addition to this office, a second office at the Summerbridge site will also be opening in the near future.

This expansion is creating many more employment opportunities within the area and AMVOC has quickly become the largest employer within the Nidderdale region.

From our pretty North Yorkshire location, AMVOC handles accounts from companies based all over the country in a wide range of business sectors. The addition of the new offices is allowing our growing company to provide marketing and related services to even more businesses throughout the UK.

If you would like to find out more about the services provided by AMVOC such as telemarketing, data-cleansing, advertising and copywriting, don’t hesitate to contact our new business team on 01423 712171 or by emailing