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One of the largest recruitment companies in the UK had a significant problem in filling vacancies in the senior IT arena, particularly high paying contract work. The gap was proving highly demotivating for the staff in this field, targets were being missed and the company’s reputation was suffering with their clients.

Amvoc developed a points based incentive scheme which allowed the recruitment consultant to source a wider range of independent IT contractors by providing ongoing distance learning to those contractors who committed to work for Hays only for a period of time.

The ongoing IT training is essential to independent contractors and would cost them anything up to 7.5k a year. Hays operated a distance learning system internally that we extended to the contractors. This had real value to contractors in terms of career and finance.

The recruitment consultancy found that they had drawn all the best contractors to them and even more useful was that if a contractor was missing some of the skills required for a particular contract Hays could build their skills immediately and not lose revenue by missing the opportunity with the client. This scheme was extended across the entire group and is still being refined and improved upon.

The Brief:
  • Examine candidate skill shortage at senior programmer level and find a solution.
The Solution:
  • Identify candidate skill shortage, source and interview candidate profile to assess reason for problem.
  • Isolate main reason for scarcity and develop and implement a scheme for resolution.

  • In this example a very simple reward points system, followed by systematic B2C and B2B telemarketing campaigns.
The Results:
  • Virtual elimination of candidate shortage, resulting in vast increase in average order value, turnover and profitability. This scheme has now been rolled out across the entire company.
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