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We now work with seven different divisions of the Epwin Group, providing them with a broad range of marketing services, from data cleansing, data sourcing, telemarketing and appointment setting.

The Group had tried many different ways of solving their marketing needs both internally and externally, but struggled to find ways of making the costs justify the returns until we became involved.

We commenced working with them nearly four years ago and have rapidly taken on more and more projects in a variety of different marketing areas.

We have gained a reputation for “consistently over delivering with the minimum of fuss” and can point to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of incremental tangible business we have obtained with them.

All of the above has been achieved in an industry where competition is extremely fierce and opinions often very cynical, yet we have still managed to position the various parts of the Epwin Group as quality suppliers without compromising on price or margins.

The Brief:
  • To provide a range of business to business and business to consumer telemarketing and B2B telemarketing services for seven autonomous divisions within the Epwin Group.
The Solution:
  • SWOT analysis on the marketplace
  • Script development
  • Development of new departmental workflow and business process
  • Categorisation of business divisions, including the effective use of 14,000 strong database.
The Results:
  • 100% increase in appointments
  • Sales increase of over £100,000 per division
  • Reduction of internal overhead and costs.
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