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The Enta Group is one of the UK's most dynamic companies in the Information Technology and related fields. It has expanded rapidly since being set up with just three employees by Chairman and Managing Director Jason Tsai in 1990.

Now it has a turnover of over $200 million.The Enta Group is among the few leading UK-based organisations to offer total IT and communication solutions to both UK and international markets.

The business has built its success on values that put customers first and encourage teamwork throughout the organisation. It invests heavily in training and developing the talents of its people so they can serve customers better. Quality is at the core of the Enta Group. It has held the international ISO 9002 standard for the past five years and every inward delivery is inspected to ISO 6001 sample tables.

Enta came to us with some key data that they needed to be cleansed before a product launch for one of their distributors. The data, however, had no address or telephone details. In double quick time we were able to identify the correct businesses to be targeted out of all the companies in the country with the same name. This had to be done with more than 10,000 individual records.

We discovered that as part of identifying the correct purchasing contact it was possible to spot hot prospects there and then and pass them through to Enta field salespeople.

The campaign was declared an enormous success. Amvoc succeeded in developing a completely new and up to date database, whilst also identifying more than £400,000 of business that was closed before the end of the first 3 months work. Enta are still reaping the considerable benefits!

The Brief:
  • Data sourcing against specific and strategic campaigns
  • Data cleaning
  • Product positioning
  • Market research
  • Development and creation of promotional material to work in conjunction with telemarketing campaign
The Solution:
  • SWOT analysis on server infrastructure market
  • Creation of PR modules to excite and stimulate the supply chain.
The Results:
  • Campaign paid for itself within two weeks
  • Highest returns on investment Enta have experienced against spend in 2015.
  • 10% increase in long term supplier agreements.
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