Cybertill provide a unique real time EPOS (Electronic point of sale system) that in summary can link a retailer’s till/s with stock, accounts and website. It is a unique system in many ways and helps small to medium size retailers grow their businesses.

The way the system works, the functionality, price and reliability make it second to none in the UK market.

For years the company had been growing in a fairly haphazard but extremely successful manor with its original founder leading the way.

The field sales team, the engineers, the developers, customer service team and middle and senior management were all strong – but the new business machine struggled.

In summary the sales function has been split into three linked but autonomous sections based upon years of experience. Telesales to find new business, account managers to visit and close interested clients and trainers and customer service people to manage the customer thereafter.

The number of new leads coming through was poor, the quality inconsistent, the dropout rates very high, and generally speaking this lead to peaks and troughs both business and profit wise, poor moral an high staff turnover at junior marketing level.

Despite huge internal resource being spent examining the problem, various experts then trying their hand, the problem remained unresolved until our arrival.

The Brief:
  • To deliver a fully outsourced new business telemarketing department, providing consistent, quality, new client appointments.
The Solution:
  • We examined previous systems, call structures, scripts, sales skills, manpower and monitoring systems.
  • Devised, developed and implemented new ideas.
  • Recruited, trained and developed new team and now provide an entirely pro-active telemarketing team, focussed on finding new business opportunities of the right size, quality and need to fulfil the needs of five field regional sales managers.
The Results:
  • After a brief turbulent starting period, where both client and we learnt valuable lessons involving the whole integration process, we are very proud to now boast that both Cybertill and Amvoc have had to further recruit additional manpower to fuel the very impressive results.
  • We have managed to achieve – not just in filling all account managers diaries, but also the tangible increase in turnover and profitability that this has brought with it.
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