The key to giving a winning brief to Telemarketing Outsourcing Companies

Every company that chooses to outsource telemarketing has to give a brief to the company. This brief is what gives the telemarketing outsourcing companies a handle into the essence of the task at hand thereby setting the base for them to prepare for it. However not all companies that outsource are adept at giving the right kind of brief. The right brief has the potential to give birth to a winning campaign whilst an improper brief is sure to lead to a failed campaign and some serious loss in revenue for the company.

This article aspires to hand you the key to giving a winning brief to your telemarketing company. Use it wisely and you shall reap rich rewards for your marketing investment.

Ensure that you ask the company as to their communication process. It is imperative that there is regular contact between you and the company to ensure that the campaign graph moves upwards steadily as you need to keep abreast with the day to day happenings at their end and give inputs on how the next day can be made better. Ensure that you are given a single point of contact at their end who keeps the account manager at your end in the loop.

Once you have ensured that the communication is seamless it is important for you to keep a bird’s eye view on the campaign. Also ask the company on what kind of internal review process they have in place.

Create goals and milestones for the entire duration of the campaign. However do not make the mistake of trying to create unrealistic goals. This would be detrimental to your own company. Remember telemarketing outsourcing companies are your friends and not enemies. Your job is to ease the process for them and not to make it difficult.

Be completely involved in the process of creating the pitch for the telemarketing agents. This will help you maintain an iron grip on what is going to be said about your company and its products or services. Ensure that the message is brief and to the point. Sermons tend to put prospects off and create a situation where they lose interest even if they have great use for the offering.

The brief should clearly harp on the advantages of the offering. The telemarketing agent would greatly benefit from your close involvement since there is no one better to educate them on the advantages of your products or services.

The telemarketing agents also need to be given some insight into your industry and its underlying challenges. Connect the dots and circle the pitch to reflect on how your company can help in addressing these challenges. This will create an immediate and deep impact on the prospects, since every other company only harps on what they have to offer whilst you would instantly stand out as a company that is capable of helping them overcome the challenges they are facing in their business.

The objectives of the campaign also need to be clearly defined. Some companies prefer telephone appointments to be setup for them whilst others want a physical meeting. The telemarketing agent needs to structure their pitch in accordance with the preference you set for them.

Participate in test phone calls with all the telemarketing agents who shall handle your campaign. Ask them questions and lead the conversation in various directions to test the preparedness of the agent. Throw in some curve balls to gauge the response and adeptness of the agent. Finally make notes on whether they have been able to spot the ideal prospects over the ineligible ones over these test calls.

Telemarketing outsourcing companies usually procure call data from various agencies. Personally verify this data as you need to be satisfied that it suits your requirements and the target audience is of your interest. The performance of the campaign rests on the quality of this data to a large extent.

After all there is no point in getting a large number of conversions when they are not great prospects. It is better to have lesser conversions which are of a very high quality.

Remember that the success or failure of the campaign is completely in your hands. Ensure that you make the right start by imparting a winning brief as it paves the way for a more than satisfactory telemarketing campaign.

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