Running a Successful Business To Business Telemarketing Campaign

With effective B2B or business to business telemarketing strategies, it becomes easier for companies to find and filter out people or businesses that can be their customers. It enables companies to also raise awareness about their brands and build credibility among existing as well as future clients.

So when it comes to the growth of a business, B2B telemarketing services can have a significant role to play. With the right services, it will not only become easy to realise growth but also explore new opportunities. When you are running a business in a highly competitive market, telemarketing services can help you reap various benefits. As long as it is providing you a continuous influx of quality leads, it will help you maintain profitability.

If you are planning run a business to business telemarketing campaign, then here are a few useful tips that you can consider to make it successful:

The first and most important thing is to understand the importance and value of B2B telemarketing service and make your team understand the same. Only when you know how it can help your business, it will become easier to create a well-researched and well-planned B2B telemarketing campaign. Telemarketing is one of the most effective yet misunderstood marketing and lead generation methods. In order to reap its benefits, business owners need to learn more about it. For instance, according to a study conducted in the UK, involving 200 business managers, telesales calls at work were voted to be the least annoying form of advertising. Approximately 90% surveyed marketing managers were of view that it is quite effective for a business.

It is necessary to ensure that the business to business telemarketing data list is clean and updated. It should be tailored to the business needs and also to the campaign.

To make the campaign successful, developing a realistic goal becomes a necessity. You need to have a clear structure for the campaign and for each call in the sequence, goals need to be set. This will help the telemarketers get the desired outcome (sale, appointment or renewal).

Patience is the key. No reliable B2B telemarketing service provider will assure you quick results because it is not necessary that every single cold call will end with a killer deal. According to an analysis done of more than 25,000 UK B2B telemarketing calls, it was found out that it took at least 80 calls to develop a new opportunity. Based on the sector for which the calls are being made, the success rate varies hugely. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse the call conversion rate of your team for managing expectations and setting future goals.

As a business owner, make sure that your telemarketing campaign has been integrated with other marketing plans. This is because viewing the campaign in isolation won’t get you results. It needs to be integrated as a part of a multi-channel approach for achieving end goals.

To have a successful telemarketing campaign, it is necessary to let your team improvise and innovate. It helps to give a set of key points to the team so that they can cover those points in each call being made. Rather than following scripted conversations, telemarketers can cover these points and adapt to the pitch as per the requirement.

There are several other things that need to be considered if you want to make your telemarketing campaign a success. For instance, your telemarketing team should be armed with concise and clear information about the products or services that are being promoted. The team should be briefed on every new prospect that they are going to approach. The B2B marketing data also needs to be detailed enough.

With the help of B2B telemarketing, companies can find out the right prospects they want to have as customers. It gives them a chance to communicate their business message, gather feedbacks and also determine the next step for establishing a long lasting relation. It can be an important part of any marketing strategy because it plays an important role in generating leads, following up on direct mail or email offers, qualifying prospects, taking orders for special promotions and so on. Telemarketing also plays an important role in keeping the database current and conducting market research.

Mistakes to avoid in B2B telemarketing

Want your business to business telemarketing campaign to be a success? Make sure that your team is avoiding these common mistakes:

There is absolutely no room for insufficient research and preparation. It is important that every telemarketing call is starting with a good understanding of the solution your company is representing. If the high-level decision maker is not able to understand your industry or the industry terminology, then it will be difficult to engage them over the call.

Every call should backed by the knowledge of the business your business is targeting. It should also be backed by the departmental structure along with the names and functions of key executives.

It is not recommended to leave the sales pitch in the voicemail. There is no doubt that voicemails are effective first contacts but a call-back will not be sparked by a lengthy voicemail explaining the solution’s benefits. But when using the voicemail, it is best to include a brief message along with your contact information and name so that it becomes easy for the prospects to reach you. In order to get to the radar of decision makers, it may take two to three messages.

Not being flexible is another telemarketing mistake that needs to be avoided because you never know where a B2B telemarketing call will lead. The telemarketer will end up talking to someone they didn’t anticipate or listen for longer than expected before the prospect reveals what going on with their business. Talking to just one key decision-maker will end up in loss of opportunities, so an inflexible approach to calls won’t work if you want the B2B telemarketing campaign to a success.

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