Stress at Work

Stress in a sales environment is one of the biggest causes of illness in the work place. It is also responsible for a high volume of sick days – the symptoms of stress can result in a salesman being signed off work for weeks on end.

The Daily Mail published some useful tips on reducing stress in the workplace and keeping calm in a hectic environment.

Their first tip is not to be too sociable in working hours. Constantly calling, texting and emailing friends will lead to work piling up and stress levels soaring. Distractions also lead to errors being made and the consequences of this can result in adverse feelings.

Next they advise you to ensure that colleagues and co-workers can be seen in order to reduce the feeling of isolation that can cause anxiety and symptoms of stress to develop. The article also stated that “those at the top of the ladder live longest” so they advise employees to trample on their colleagues!

I definitely agree with their fourth tip: turn your mobile phone off at home. I strongly believe there should be a distinct cut off point that starts when an employee leaves the office. Switching off and relaxing at home allows the brain to recharge and refresh itself ready to fight another day.

The last two tips - snatching 40 winks at your desk and taking a pet to work - are slightly debatable topics in my opinion. Ok, so taking a nap does boost memory and improve productivity but I’m not so keen on the idea of my colleagues petting chinchillas and grooming poodles whilst at work.

Thankfully stress does not appear to be an issue here in the offices of Amvoc despite the lack of guinea pigs and goldfish. It is, however, something that we do watch very closely given that we do work in a high-pressure environment and we do strive to hit targets and achieve success.

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