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Are you planning to engage a telemarketing agency but do you struggle to understand the difference between telesales, appointment setting, lead generation and any other type of telephone service available?

Let’s clear things up a bit.

Telesales is the act of selling a product or service over the phone without the need for a face to face meeting. This type of telesales works especially well with lower value products purely because a businessman will generally want to meet a vendor face-to-face before handing over a large amount of money.

Selling over the phone can generate a significant amount of income especially when a professional service is provided by an experienced sales team. Telesales works particularly well with existing clients and is also a useful tool for cross selling.

Lead Generation involves using the phone to make contact with a prospect in an effort to determine whether they are likely to have a genuine requirement for the products or services you have to offer. Although lead generation is one of the most cost effective methods of sourcing new business opportunities, it is also the project most likely to fall flat on its face if it is not executed properly.

When carrying out a lead generation exercise, you should aim to ascertain the following:
  • That the prospect you are talking to the decision maker – if not, who is?
  • Is there a genuine need for the product or service you are calling about?
  • What is their requirement?
  • Do they have the budget?
  • Do they have any reservations or objections? If so, what are they?

Appointment Setting is lead generation with an added extra – an appointment. You will need to liaise closely with the telemarketing agency of your choosing so they know where and when you can attend appointments.

You should be provided with the initial information detailed above and you will also have a date and time for meeting the prospect. A good telemarketing agency will email the prospect as soon as the appointment has been set and will also make a confirmation call on your behalf 24 hours before the appointment is due to take place.

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