Role of Telemarketing Services in Business Growth

Telemarketing services play a huge and important role in direct sales and marketing for businesses. This service is all about contacting prospective clients or customers over the phone for selling products and services. Since contact through the telephone establishes a direct relationship between the customer and the caller, this form of marketing has great advantages for the direct sellers. It comes easier for the caller to assess the tastes or likes and dislikes of the prospects which plays a vital role in direct sales and marketing.

If you are a seller, then telemarketing can help you get instant feedback from your prospects. It will also help you in creation of a database. In telemarketing, there is a lot of scope for follow-up as well. Even though there are several benefits of telemarketing services, many people still consider cold calling as an interruption. This is the reason why it is important to have expert tele-callers on board. They will have the expertise and experience to handle calls in a professional manner. They will be tactical so as to not hurt the feelings of the prospects on the phone or irritate them in any manner.

Telemarketing continues to be effective

When it comes to marketing, there is a lot that has changed in the recent years. It has been driven by the digital marketing trend. From content marketing and marketing automation to social media, various new marketing methods have cropped up. But despite the rise in new marketing channels, some traditional methods are still in use and one such channel is telemarketing.

There are different ways in which telemarketing can be of benefit for businesses. For instance, it is used for generation of quality leads and also for building quality databases that are necessary for kickstarting marketing activities.

Businesses cannot underestimate the power of having a two-way conversation with prospects through the telemarketing channel. Two-way conversations are great for gaining a certain level of insight and information from the prospects. Compared to any other channel, telemarketing has a larger role to play in this regard.

When telemarketers make a call to prospects, they can obtain quality information from them about their existing solution, what kind of change they are looking for, what they find challenging and so on. This information can be quite valuable for the business because it will help in enabling bespoke nurture programs to be set up with the right message. It will be required to deliver the message to the right people at the right time.

When it comes to lead generation, telemarketing agencies can work wonders for any business. Leads are needed by businesses to grow and telemarketing puts businesses directly in contact with those leads.

Benefits to enjoy with telemarketing

Here are some more reasons why you should invest in telemarketing services for your business:

This service puts your business in direct contact with your clients or customers. Through telemarketing, your business can establish a connect with the real people, people who buy your products and services. It helps ensure that your business is communicating with the right people at the right time. Also, it is easy to gauge their reactions on the phone and also analyse wether or not they like the company’s products and services. Second benefit of investing in telemarketing is that it gives your business instant feedback. Unlike email-marketing, you don’t have to wait for the feedback if you are investing in telemarketing. Your business gets to adjust the message in a better manner and also gets to ensure that the message is being delivered to the customers.

You can reduce operational costs to a great extent by investing in telemarketing. It is a cheap form of marketing or communication per contact. Your team just needs a list for initiating contact. The cost of making calls is far less than advertising through electronic media, print media, door-to-door marketing and so on. Even development of promotional tools like posters and brochures require a lot of investment compared to telemarketing.

How to get the most of telemarketing?

It is very important that telemarketers are experienced and professional. If they are being unprofessional while on call, it will leave a bad impression of the business on the prospect’s minds. So in order to ensure the success of a telemarketing campaign, the most important thing is to have expert telemarketers on board.

Telemarketers not only need to be professional but also complete calls with a good attitude. They need to keep their motivation intact even if they face rejections from some prospects. So having a good attitude and being upbeat is very important to make successful telemarketing calls.

Telemarketers need to be well-trained because if they don’t know the product or services completely, it will be very obvious to the prospects. It is important to ensure that the prospects are talking to an expert on the other side of the line, so make sure you have hired only expert and well-trained telemarketers.

Personalising the calls and listening to the prospects patiently is very important to ensure success with each call. Since telemarketing is all about personalising, telemarketers need to take advantage of it and listen to what the prospects have to say.

It is not recommended to just recite a telemarketing script. Even if there is a script, the telemarketers need to be expert enough to change the script as and when required during the call.

Role of a good script in telemarketing

It is not recommended to just recite a script during telemarketing calls because it is a personalised medium. If prospects feel that the telemarketer is just reading out from a script, the entire purpose of the call will be ruined.

So even though the script is like the manuscript for success over the phone, it needs to be moulded or changed by the telemarketers as an when needed. This will keep the conversation unique and engaging for the prospects.

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