Do you REALLY care?

“Hi, how are you doing today?” “Right love, what it is…” “Alright mate, I’m calling from a company called…”

Stop! My ears are bleeding. All I hear when a telemarketer calls me ‘love’ is the distant sound of nails on a blackboard!

How am I today? It would be a lot better if you got to the point, and quickly! And do you even care how I am today? I don’t really care how you are yet I now feel obliged to ask because a) you asked me and b) I have manners.

Do you even care!? No. So why ask me? Get to the point please. Don’t get me wrong, I might be interested in what you have to sell but my time is precious – use it wisely!

The only reason I have chosen to air my feelings, and I am positive there will be thousands out there that agree with me, is because I have received a worrying number of telemarketing calls recently that have made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Business ones at that!

Ok, so I may be a bit less tolerant towards these things than the average person but I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from!

I have just wasted an extra two minutes of my day answering the awkward question “how are you today?”from a stranger. Actually, I have loads to do, I’ve just realised that I’ve left my washing out at home and it is now raining, I am stuck in the office so the dress I was going to wear tonight will cling to me like a wet bin bag when I insist on wearing it out this evening. I haven’t had chance to go shopping my lunch consists of cheese slices that taste like plastic with bread that is so mouldy it could be sold to make biological weapons. Oh, and the engine on my car blew up so I have been cycling to work for the last week – in the snow. With a flat tyre. So do you really want to know how I am today?

Once thing I have to be grateful for, however, is that my colleagues fully understand my feelings towards over familiarity on a cold B2B call and I never have to listen to it in the office. Who knows what might happen!

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