Quality or quantity?

How do you measure the quality and the quantity of your sales calls?

Trying to decide which is better, quality or quantity, especially in telemarketing is like asking to choose between chocolate and cake – in my opinion they are much better together.

A balanced mix of quality and quantity phone calls will give you the perfect chocolate cake.

The perfect balance is also a bit of a grey area. How do you know when the right mix has been achieved?

Quality is important but telemarketing is a numbers game. The average telemarketer should aim to speak to around 50 decision makers per day. Sometimes this will mean making 100 calls; other projects will require over 200 calls to be made for this to be achieved.

You need to measure the success of each individual on your team and see how their average transaction value corresponds to their method of calling.

For example, John brings in around £100,000 per month for the company by making 70 calls whereas James only brings in around £20,000 even though he averages around 200 calls per day. It is fairly easy to see, even from this simple analysis, that James is not spending enough time talking to clients and he is far too focused on crashing through the numbers. John, however, seems to spend a lot of time focusing on the quality of the calls to his prospects.

If you evaluate each member of your sales team and identify their strengths or weaknesses, you will find out whether they are making the right number of calls and whether they are actually engaging in meaningful conversations.

It is important to find a happy medium that works for your company and ensures you are attracting the right number of the right prospects.

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