Out with the old, in with the new – and why this will stop your growth

How many new business acquisitions have you made in the last year? Have you noticed customers slowly slipping away?

Are you still in the same position you were a year ago? Have the new acquisitions merely replaced the old ones and has this left your business in exactly the same place as before?

Quite often, businesses are so excited about netting a big new client that they forget about their long standing yet loyal customers. You have to take just as much care of your existing clients at the same time as trying to impress new ones or you will never prosper.

You need to put a customer care system in place that ensures your gains from new customers are not eaten by losing margins from your old customers going elsewhere.

It is an unfortunate fact that many companies spend too much time trying to win new business and then deliver an appalling follow up that does nothing to assist with successful client retention.

As a business, especially if you want to grow, you need to keep close contact with all of your clients, old and new.

Where have your old clients gone? Do you want to know why they have left? Finding this out will help you to develop a much stronger business model that allows your business to grow.

Dig out all of the contact details you have for every client you have dealt with for the last year; call these clients and ask them a few key questions in the form of a customer survey. Find out why they no longer use your business as a supplier of products or services.

This will help you to:
  • Make vital amendments to your business strategy.
  • Maintain a successful client retention rate.
  • Stop making mistakes that lose clients.
  • Maybe even win back some business.

Is time the reason you are losing clients? Do you simply lack the time and manpower to maintain vital relationships? If this is the case you should consider outsourcing. Not only will you have a team of trained professionals to help you grow your business, you will also get an objective analysis of the reason your business is growing slower than anticipated.

Telemarketers are there to pick up the phone and make calls when you do not have the time or capacity. Start your strategy today by making contact with an outsource telemarketing company.

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