Provoke a few thoughts – ask the right questions to get the information you want.

Any expert sales person will have the ability to draw a prospect into a meaningful conversation which results in them being able to illicit information from that could make or break a sale.

Take the below as an example, you have just introduced yourself and you are trying to engage in a conversation:

Do you carry out any telemarketing in-house? Yes.

Does it work for you? Yes.

Would you change anything about your current telemarketing strategy? No.

Have you ever outsourced before? No.

Have you considered outsourcing to another company? No.

So, can you see where this conversation is headed? Nowhere! If all you are extracting from a conversation is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ then you seriously need to change your approach.

You have one mouth and two ears – make sure the mouth puts the groundwork in place for the ears to do all the work.

Make your questions count!

It is vital, when approaching a prospect, that you make sure they understand your message. Using jargon is fine if you are talking to someone in the same industry on the same wavelength – someone who does not fully understand what you have to offer will switch off immediately.

“Which areas of your telemarketing are letting you down?” This cannot illicit a yes or no answer – if it does they are clearly not listening to you! They have to answer your question with thoughts of their own.

Think about what kind of information you need to glean from the conversation and make sure you steer the prospect in the right direction.

“What ideas do you have in mind in terms of generating a better return on the investment you have made in telemarketing?” Again, a simple yes or no will not suffice for this type of question.

Golden rule: if the question will result in a yes or no don’t ask it!

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