Myths Related to Telemarketing Services need to be Busted

There is no doubt that telemarketing has a certain image about it. There are various negative connotations and misconceptions attached to it due to which cold calling has got such a bad name in the market. Irrespective of the myths, there are many businesses that have been successful in using this powerful marketing method to their advantage. They have used telemarketing to boost business growth.

Reportedly, goods and services sold in the United States of America through telemarketing amount to more than $41 billion. But before we get into the myths related to telemarketing services, let us first understand telemarketing and its development down the years. It was in early 1900s that businesses started using the telephone as a sales tool. At first, sales executives used the phone to make initial sales contacts and schedule appointments and with passing years, they started using it for direct sales as well. Today with the help of automated telemarketing services, growing number of companies are reaping maximum benefits. They are increasing sales and boosting business growth to another level.

Here are some of the benefits of telemarketing services that businesses can enjoy:

Telemarketing is a cost effective method of marketing. As a business owner, you don’t have to invest a huge amount into it when compared to print or electronic marketing methods.

This marketing method really works. It is an effective way to test new products and get quick results. This marketing method also gives the advantage of face-to-face meetings, allowing companies to contact large number of prospects in different geographical locations.

Even though telemarketing offers various benefits, it has always been misunderstood, especially by customers. They feel that telemarketing calls are a nuisance and that telemarketers are people who will talk endlessly, forcing them to buy a product or service.

So here are a few common myths about this service that need to be busted so that more businesses can start using this service and benefit from cold-calling:

Telemarketing calls are made to anyone and everyone

This is a very common misconception that people have about telemarketing. But the truth is, whenever a reliable agency for telemarketing UK designs a campaign, they do some thorough research. They study their client’s business and the market to create a list of whom they can call. Telemarketing companies study the target market because without this study, no business can effectively inform customers about their products and services. After researching and creating a list of prospects, they tailor the sales pitch according to their wants and needs. In a nutshell, even before the telemarketers pick the phone to make a call, they have done extensive research to determine who the prospects are, what they do and how their client’s services or products can fit the prospect’s needs.

Telemarketing calls are always scripted

There is no doubt that telemarketers follow a certain script for making calls but expert telemarketers also know the power of natural conversation. Even though they have a script with them, they are experts at changing the tone of the conversation according to the questions being asked by the prospects. They know the benefits of having a rewarding, personal conversation. They ask thoughtful questions to the prospects and also display their product knowledge during the conversation. An experienced telemarketer always sits with a note pad in front of him/her with details about the leads, the product and the offer being made. They don’t opt for a generic script.

All about making a sale

Prospects feel that telemarketing is all about making a sale over the call. But in reality, this service is also about creation of long-lasting relationship that are needed for achieving long term telemarketing goals. For instance, building rapport between two companies is very important in the B2B telemarketing scenario. This service is also used for customer profiling, lead generation and event telemarketing. Of course one of the objectives of telemarketing services is to spread word about the products and services but it isn’t the be-all and end-all of successful telemarketing.

Telemarketing is dying a slow death

Many businesses feel that telemarketing is a very dated marketing method and has nothing to add when compared to the latest digital marketing techniques. In reality, telemarketing is like a breath of fresh air in today’s day and age of digital marketing. The ‘human’ element is missing from the marketing strategies as the marketing landscape is relying heavily on the internet and social media. Telemarketing gives businesses the ability to research and engage with the prospects in a direct manner. This allows them to understand their prospects, gauge their reactions and also receive instant feedback. All this leads to maximum customer satisfaction and quick decision making from prospects.

No need to hire experts

It is believed that cold calling is something that almost anyone can do. But in reality, telemarketing needs a certain skill set. Some businesses make the mistake of putting the cold calling responsibility on their sales team. This leads to trouble because sales people aren’t trained for cold calling. That is not their forte which means, their productivity level goes down if they are handed this responsibility. Their main job is to negotiate and close deals. So it is necessary for businesses to hire a reliable agency for telemarketing UK that can handle this job and give qualified leads or appointments to the sales team.

Telemarketing services are super expensive

It is believed that telemarketing can burn a hole in your pocket but in reality, it is more cost-effective compared to various other marketing methods. Investing in telemarketing will offer you a good return on investment.

Is there a difference between cold calling and telemarketing?

Often, cold calling and telemarketing are two terms that are thrown around interchangeably. In practice, these two terms are different. Cold calling is technically a type of telemarketing but it remains to be only a small piece in the telemarketing puzzle.

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