Mistakes Reputed Telemarketing UK Agencies Avoid

Telemarketing is a well established marketing strategy that can provide positive results if executed properly. But, like every other marketing strategy, there are few common, yet deadly mistakes telemarketers commit. Following are the few telemarketing mistakes that can affect your sales figure considerably.

Not enough research is an extremely common telemarketing mistake. With big telemarketing agencies having their reputation on line, they make sure not to fall in this pit. Their telemarketing list is regularly updated, and the potential prospects are properly researched. This is one of the most vital information in telemarketing services, as this helps the agency to a better targeting of clients, and also saves a lot of time.

Skipping a proper introduction. Without a proper introduction, the chances of connecting with the prospect, and convincing them to try your product and services is almost zero. Although, the onus of this failure is more on the telemarketing agency than the tele-caller. Lack of regular quality check and analysis often leads to this very common mistake. Reputed telemarketing UK agencies monitor their callers on a regular basis.

Sounding robotic. The root of this problem is too much dependency on scripts and failure to improvise. In dealing with humans, there is no one-shoe-fits-all. As a tele-caller, the ability to improvise can make or break the deal. Every lead challenges the tele-caller in a different way, and responding accordingly, and satisfactorily will help to build a rapport, even if the deal is not made.

Not being completely prepared. Even after proper research, under-preparation can be a major hindrance. Not having the right tools with you, whether it is to confirm the appointment, or note something down, is usually a sign of unprofessionalism. For some prospects, this can be a major issue. A good telemarketing UK agency keeps proper tab on their employees so as to avoid such trivial, yet common mistake.

Lack of proper communication. Tele-callers mostly are in hurry to pitch their products and services. In this rush, they fail to establish a proper communication channel with the client. They talk way too much, and pay minimal attention to listening to the prospect. This kind of behaviour fails to invoke a positive reaction. Without listening to the client, it is very difficult to establish the kind of trust that will lead to the subscription of your services.

Not being polite. Everyone in telemarketing services knows that rudeness is a strict no-no under any given situation. Still, many beginners and under-trained tele-callers loose their calm when confronted or declined by the client.

Not knowing when to stop. A tele-caller should have the skill to identify a prospective client who is responding positively to the call. This ability is acquired over time with enough experience in their respective fields.

These are the most common mistakes that happens in telemarketing. A good telemarketing agency has a proper established structure to deliver quality services to their clients.

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