Do miracles exist?

Telemarketing is an incredibly powerful and direct way of generating new business. If you want to outsource your telemarketing you need to be sure you can trust the company you choose; at the end of the day, the responsibility for your new business generation will be placed in their hands.

When you call an outsource telemarketing consultancy for advice you should run a mile if they tell you that telemarketing will absolutely, positively work for your company – especially without a full overview of what your company has to offer.

Similarly, get your coat and bag at the ready if you are told that you can expect hundreds of leads, appointments or sales. This will not happen.

A telemarketing company cannot give you an accurate prediction about how successful your telemarketing campaign will be without carry out a pilot test first. A trial campaign is extremely important for analytics purposes.

It is very rare that sales or appointments flow readily in the first week of calling, especially if the data being used is cold. Successful telemarketers will have to build a strong pipeline of likely prospects before the success can be seen. A trial campaign should be a minimum of two weeks – the longer the better in order for success to be measured accurately.

When you meet with a telemarketing consultancy, you should go to the meeting with realistic expectations. If at any point throughout the meeting the consultancy tells you they can turn wine to water, run! Real miracles only happen in stories.

You will need to ask yourself:
  • Can this company adopt our company ethos and represent us professionally?
  • Do they have experience in this particular field of telemarketing?
  • How many leads can we realistically expect from this campaign?
  • What capacity do we have to attend meetings – do not overload yourself or you will see a dramatic fall out rate
  • Are their fees reasonable?
  • Do they have the technology to run an efficient service?

If you would like to know more about pilot campaigns or if you are looking to achieve realistic goals, contact one of our team today.

Remember – water is water!

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