Is outsourced telemarketing beneficial for your business?

When it comes to telemarketing, it is very important to have an experienced team of tele-callers who are experts at their job. This is because telemarketing is more than just picking up the phone to make calls. It involves research, sales techniques and finding new ways to make prospects listen to the offer being made. Over the years, even telemarketing has evolved and developed immensely. Today, a growing number of companies are including telemarketing in their marketing mix along with other digital and social marketing channels.

Telemarketing services can work wonders for your business, however, it requires a lot of expertise and experience. This is one of the main reasons why many businesses choose to outsource this task to a reliable third party. Reputed telemarketing companies work with a team of professional telemarketers who make use of the latest tools and technologies to deliver results.

Outsourced telemarketing can be cost-effective as well as productive for your business. It will give you enough time to focus on other vital business functions and also save you money. Wondering how? Here are some of the benefits that outsourced telemarketing can offer to your business:

Hiring a third party to handle telemarketing can be a cost-saving as well as cost-effective move. You can generate leads in bulks without having to spend a lot of money. You can outsource outbound telemarketing services on a weekly basis, six-monthly basis or even yearly contracts. This will depend on your marketing goals and the size of your business. If you plan on managing an in-house team of telemarketers, it will require a lot of investment. You will have to hire the best telemarketers, invest in technology, infrastructure and so on. But when you outsource, you just need to pay for the services you are getting.

If you have hired a reputed third party to handle outbound telemarketing services, then you can expect a good ROI. Good companies have a track record of delivering maximum ROI. Since these companies are hired on a contractual basis, hassles related to employee hiring overheads gets eliminated. Such companies have experience in delivering consistent, quick and reliable results that helps businesses get more for less.

With outsourcing, your business will get access to the expertise and experience of the telemarketing company. A certain skill set is required to make successful telemarketing calls. If amateurs are handling the calls, you cannot expect to get quality results. It can also hamper the reputation of your brand in front of the prospects. So you need to be extra sure that only expert tele-marketers are speaking to your prospects. Reputed telemarketing companies have years of experience in this industry. They hire only trained and expert telemarketers in the business. So you can be assured of quality results within the set deadline.

There are various things that come under telemarketing- appointment setting, lead generation, inbound call handling, transactional telesales and so on. In order to handle these activities with precision, you will be needing an account manager who has deep knowledge of these areas. A reliable third party will offer you services of an account manager who will be responsible for assigning agents with the experience and skills needed for your telemarketing campaign. The manager will also handle early stage campaign review, identify data pockets, work on brief capturing and so on.

Since the telemarketing company will be working with a structured approach consistently, it will help in boosting your brand reputation. They will ensure that your business message is being conveyed to the prospects in the right manner so that it reflects your brand values and also guarantees the right positioning of the propositions.

Outsourcing makes budgeting easier. You won’t have to create a separate budget for spending on the in-house telemarketing team. You will just have to set a monty cost and you will be able to adjust your spending month to month and as needed.

As a business owner, it is very important for you to ensure that your sales team is productive. Many businesses make their sales team do cold calling which takes a toll on their productivity. What businesses fail to realise is that sales professionals aren’t trained for telemarketing calls. So in order to boost their productivity levels, you need to outsource telemarketing needs to a third party because it will give you sufficient time to focus on your sales team. Since a dedicated team of telemarketers will be offering quality leads to your sales team, their productivity will grow to a great extent. This will give them a chance to focus on securing sales rather than spending time on telemarketing duties.

With outsourcing telemarketing or outbound telesales, your business gets the flexibility to run campaigns whenever you need to. Imaging having a full blown in-house team of telemarketers and no campaign to run. You will have to keep paying them money even if you don’t have to start a campaign in the months to come. But outsourcing gives you the flexibility to spend your money only when you want. Conversely, your business can lower the telemarketing spend if there is no additional capacity to fill.

Outbound telemarketing is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and grow a business. However, it is a bit different from outbound telesales services. Telesales is all about trying to open and close the business over a phone call. Whereas telemarketing is all about trying to generate leads and create more business opportunities. Telemarketing as a service can either be used for market research or for collecting accurate information that can be used for employing other marketing techniques.

If you plan on hiring a telemarketing company for your business, then make sure that you are comparing at least two to three service providers. Shortlist few names off the internet and compare their charges and portfolio. This will help you decide which company will suit your budget and requirements well.

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