Few Telemarketing Tips To Help Your Business Succeed

Want to grow your business? Outbound telemarketing has various benefits to offer if you want to expand your customer base. By implementing an effective telemarketing strategy, you can reach more customers and convince them to buy your products and services.

Want to grow your business? Outbound telemarketing has various benefits to offer if you want to expand your customer base. By implementing an effective telemarketing strategy, you can reach more customers and convince them to buy your products and services.

Telemarketing is all about creation of business opportunities. You can either use this service for market research or to collect information for employing different marketing techniques. In the B2B scenario, telemarketing acts as a great method for generating sales opportunities and driving revenue.

Tips to succeed at Telemarketing

Here are some of the tips that you can consider if you want to make your telemarketing campaign to be a success:

It is very important to make a good first impression. There are some cliche statements that need to be cut from the telemarketing script if you don’t want the prospects to slam down the phone. For instance, if the telemarketers start the call with - “Hi, I am calling from XYZ company and I wanted to tell you about our products and services”, there are chances the prospect won’t show any interest. Cutting off the cliche statements can increase the rate of success by 20% or more. Selling yourself is very important and this can happen only when the telemarketers are using the right opening lines.

Honesty is the best policy even in telemarketing calls. Telemarketers should never make the mistake of misleading your prospects with the wrong information because if they do, your business will be losing sales.

It is important that the the callers aren’t sounding like typical telemarketers. Experienced telemarketers sound relaxed and comfortable. They use natural language because it has been observed that prospects don’t respond to scripted calls or to stiffness in tone. Typical telemarketers use over-rehearsed sentences which reduces the interest of prospects. Therefore, make sure your team of telemarketers are sounding genuinely interested and interesting over the call. This will help in maintaining a better flow in the conversation.

Planning is extremely important if you want your telemarketing campaign to be successful. Make sure that you and your team are aware of the objectives for running the campaign.

It is very important to have a good script. Once the objective of investing in telemarketing is clear, it becomes easy to write the script. This script will be working as a guide for your telemarketers in conducting the calls. However, it is not necessary for the telemarketers to follow the script as it is. They can make changes or alter the script as per the flow of the conversation.

Telemarketers need to speak in a slow and clear manner. They need to be prepared to have a conversation with the prospects. If they are not prepared to talk through the issues and concerns, then the purpose of the call will not be solved. It is important to remember that telemarketing or cold calling is more than just picking up the phone and convincing prospects to make a purchase. It is a lot more than just reading from a script. Telemarketers should also be ready to accept a ‘No’ or rejection from prospects.

To make a telemarketing campaign successful, it is necessary that the gatekeepers are being handled well. Company receptionists are often asked to avoid putting sales calls to managers or directors. So if a telemarketer finds himself or herself stuck at the gatekeeper, they need to be well-trained in getting around them.

Ending the calls politely is another important tip that telemarketers need to consider. Whether or not they succeeded in convincing the prospects, it is very important that they end the call in the right manner. Politeness is important because how the telemarketers speak on the phone will decide the impression the prospects have of the business.

Telemarketing agencies make sure to follow the above-mentioned factors in order to ensure success in telemarketing campaigns. When used in conjunction with other forms of marketing, telemarketing can do wonders for a business. So if you are a business owner planning to expand your customer base, this is one service that you should think of investing in. Just make sure to do some research before hiring a telemarketing agency.

Integrating telemarketing with other marketing methods

Even before digital marketing tactics came into the picture, telemarketing techniques have been the popular method of doing good business. According to the marketing experts, if telemarketing is integrated with digital marketing methods, it can help any business grow.

Here are some of the key elements on how the integration can improve the ROI of a business:

Email marketing- use of email marketing is involved in some of the best telesales techniques. Before any sort of call is made, the prospects need to be sorted. This is necessary for ensuring that the clients or customers are “fitting the bill” in terms of what the business is offering.

Email contact updation- emails are used extensively by telemarketers when building relationships with the contacts over a certain period of time. It also becomes easy to make necessary updates by utilising email as a form of data cleansing. It can be used for making a list of contacts that are actively using their emails. This will help the business increase productivity on their end.

Social media- telemarketers can utilise social media channels for acquiring relevant information on the expectations and needs of the prospects. This means, channels like Facebook and Twitter can help them get an idea about how products or services can be delivered to the target market according to the interaction that has happened on these channels.

So if you want to reap the benefits of telemarketing and ensure that it helps grow your business, hire a reputed telemarketing agency. There are several agencies out there so you need to be extra sure when hiring. It is recommended to compare at least two to three service providers before making a final choice. This will help you choose an agency that suits your budget and requirements.

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