Evaluating Telemarketing and Telesales Companies

In today’s day and age of digitalised communication, it is interesting to see that many businesses still prefer the personal, telephone contact for closing deals. There are several ways in which telemarketing and telesales can be an effective tool for increasing sales and customer response rates. But first let us learn about the difference between telemarketing and telesales.


Under telesales, prospects are approached directly with the intention of making a sale. It is a service that sells products and services to customers directly over the phone. Telesales calls are completely cold calls, which means, numbers are called straight from a directory. The calls may also be based on marketing information such as emails, social media contact, telemarketing calls and so on.


This is a broader approach that involves increasing brand awareness, closing of deals, seeing of information or soliciting feedback on the marketing program. It is a service that is used for generating interest, creating opportunities and providing information. It is also used for making appointments with decision makers, obtaining feedback from customers and producing leads. Sales calls made to existing customers or clients usually fall under the telemarketing bracket.

Telemarketing and telesales are effective methods for marketing. They continue to be a common means for communicating with existing customers in the B2C (Business to Consumer) market. These two methods are also adopted by B2B (Business to business) companies.

It is very important for businesses to know the difference between the two to determine which service they need to invest in. You can also combine these services and make it work for your business. While one service can help you generate a pool of potential leads, another service can help you turn those leads into sales. While the telemarketing team will set up appointments for your business, the telesales team will help close the deal.

In order to produce dramatic results, it will become necessary that the telesales and telemarketing teams are working together, planning, co-ordinating as well as tailoring their approach. This is one of the main reasons why businesses need to hire the best telesales and telemarketing companies. Only a team of experts can understand the business requirements and deliver desired results.

Evaluation of Service Provider

So if you have finally decided to hire a service provider for telemarketing or telesales services, there are various factors on the basis of which you can evaluate the agency and make a final choice. It is very important to evaluate service providers because the company you choose will make or mar the impact of your marketing campaign. You will need a service provider whom you can trust with your brand.

It is essential that you have chosen a reputed telemarketing company because your prospects are going to associate the telemarketers with your company. They will assume that the telemarketers are a part of your company. If they don’t talk nicely, it will affect your company’s reputation. So handling that type of power to an outside agency will require a great amount of trust.

Here are some of the factors that can be considered in order to evaluate a service provider:

Whether you are hiring a telemarketing company or a telesales agency, it is important to get some references. Would you buy a microwave without talking to friends, colleagues or family members? Wouldn’t you want to look for recommendations or do some research? The same is applicable when hiring a telemarketing agency. If you can’t find a direct referral, when you are interviewing potential service providers, then it is better to ask for references and get in touch with those references. Ask them if they were satisfied with the services offered to them by the telemarketing agency.

Second way to evaluate a service provider is through asking questions. Don’t shy away from asking them tough questions because you need to be extra sure before hiring. You will not only be paying money to them for their services but your reputation will also be at stake. So don’t hesitate in asking questions. You can ask them about the engagements that went bad for them, why they went bad, what they did to fix it and so on. A good telemarketing agency won’t shy away in answering these questions. They will be more than willing to satisfy your queries before coming on board.

Defining clear goals is a necessity. As a business owner, you must ensure a good return on your investment. In order to evaluate the ROI, you will have to know what you got out of the service. So defining of goals is necessary. It will be easy to see how much the telemarketing agency is charging for the services but how are you planning to measure success? What metrics you will be using for the same? It is recommended to have a strong timeline for the performance reviews and progress reports.

Once you have evaluated the service provider, you also need to learn about the metrics that can be used for measuring the success of your telemarketing campaign. You need to know if the campaign is producing results or not and how to identify the issues, if any. Whether you are handling telemarketing internally or outsourcing it to a third party, you must know how to measure performance and solve underlying problems that may impact the end results.

First metric is the database that needs to be relevant. It is necessary to ensure that you are ringing the right prospects or the right companies in case of B2B telemarketing.

You need to know how many decision makers telemarketers have identified or confirmed and whether or not they are getting through to the relevant decision makers.

Another metric is to see if telemarketers are getting the expected results when they are speaking to the right person and whether or not they are making the right number of calls.

These metrics can be used for identifying potential problem areas and then only the full picture will be clear to you.

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