Demystifying myths around telesales services

Marketing has many forms and telesales services is one of the most popular as well as oldest avenues out there. Its popularity has transcended ages and it is still as widely used today as it was many years ago. However what has changed is the ways and means deployed to reach out to prospects. Earlier it was the plain old cold calls where the telemarketing agent would follow a script and entice people to show an interest in the product over the phone. Today telesales also employs the more modern methods of automated voice calls or video pitch calls. Also, contrary to the olden days, a telemarketing agent is much more prepared whilst making a pitch since the training methods have changed over time. A lot more research goes into a campaign and companies are always on the look out to find enticing techniques to get a hook on to the prospects attention and to entice them to buy the products of the client.

However not everyone has a positive word to say about telesales services. One will always find naysayers who have negative opinions about this time tested marketing technique. The digital world has a big role to play in this since it is very easy to leave a negative comment online without any proof of being the recipient of bad service. An online search throws up plenty of articles that are critical of telesales services. However most of the bad experiences would be due to reasons that have nothing to do with the service itself but more to do with improper planning and execution of the service. Good companies provide profession service of the highest order and constantly evolve their techniques making the campaign execution very effective and productive for their clients.

However when a company has an unfavorable experience during a telemarketing campaign they tend to make the mistake of considering telesales as a bad marketing avenue and give it a negative review along with scaling it right to the bottom of their marketing efforts. This is a fallacy since working with the wrong company that executes a bad campaign in no way reflects on telesales as a marketing medium. The medium remains as effective and potent as any marketing avenue out there but does need you to be judicious in selecting the right company who can device an effective campaign and clinically execute it to achieve the best possible results for your company. In fact no one can deny that telesales services in effect is a pretty simple marketing avenue that is very cost effective whilst ensuring the maximum possible return on investment. However it also entails plenty of research and constant innovations to work out new and effective ways to catch the prospects attention. A telemarketing campaign if executed in the right manner has the undisputed potential to work much better than any other marketing channel that you can explore or employ.

Some reviews also tend to suggest that outsourcing telesales is a costly affair and it is better to hire in house staff to manage this aspect. This is simply not true as outsourced telemarketing is highly cost efficient and one of the cheapest marketing avenues available out there. Campaign durations are highly flexible and you can hop in or off at will based on budget or performance. In fact it would be big mistake to try and run a telemarketing campaign in house since it would involve ramping up your outgo significantly as you would need to hire staff, train them and monitor performance. This is even truer for businesses that are seasonal as they would be saddled with unproductive manpower for many days in a year leaving a big impact on their bottom line. Telemarketing companies are adept at managing their manpower efficiently and deploy the best training methods to ensure that their staff are fully equipped to generate maximum leads and deliver the best possible results. You would be much better off in outsourcing telesales and let your staff concentrate on managing the leads efficiently and maximize conversions.

Another myth is that telemarketing is a slow process and there are much quicker marketing avenues out there in terms of lead generation. This is a false assumption as telemarketing allows you to reach out and have a one to one conversation with your prospects on an ongoing basis. A prospect can be quickly and accurately segregated into a cold, warm or hot prospect thereby allowing your sales team to have a crucial heads up before they make their follow up calls.

Therefore it would be advisable to try out telesales services for your company and evaluate if it works for you or not as it is not necessary that what did not work for some may not work for your company. Believing in the negative myths around telemarketing may make you miss out on one of the most productive marketing avenues out there. You would be better off in judging for yourself based on your own personal experience.

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