Conference and exhibition telemarketing - How to boost attendance

You do not necessarily need to give your event a makeover in order to attract more delegates. You may, however, need to rethink your marketing strategy.

How does the cost of registration for your event compare to your competitors? Do you offer a registration package that actively encourages companies to send more than one person?

If you want to increase the number of registries for your event, you should certainly consider doing some extensive market research to see how your event compares to similar on the market.

Are you priced too high? Too low? Do your competitors offer discounts for repeat customers? Do they offer package savings? A business may want two or three members of staff to experience your event but they will not want to pay full price for all three. If they have been a regular attendee at your conferences you may want to reward their loyalty with a discount.

You also need to think about your location geographically. Where is the bulk of your membership situated? Don't give businesses an excuse not to go, make sure you host your event in a location that is accessible to the bulk of your clientele.

As part of your strategy you need to think about how you publicise your event. Have you ever considered extending free registration to the media? You can increase your chances of getting coverage for your conference or event by offering free media places.

You cannot rely solely on email or direct mail marketing methods to make your event a success.

Telemarketing is a proven method of boosting conference and event attendance. If you hold a database of every person or business that has attended your events in the past you can call them to let them know about the various packages and offers available to loyal and long standing customers.

How about offering attendees a discount on their annual fees if they register for the event? A successfully telemarketing team will be able to handle every aspect of making your event a success from generating media interest to boosting delegate attendance. Telemarketing can even help you get more businesses exhibiting at your event or speaking at your conference.

Making a proposition over the phone means you are able to establish any objections your prospects may have and overcome these with a reasonable solution.

When telemarketing an event you can set objectives and measure the results against your expectations. Not only will you see an increase in the number of bookings, whether they are for delegates, sponsors or exhibitors, you will also notice a significantly lower dropout rate.

You can also follow up your event with a customer service style exercise in order to get the feedback you need to make your event bigger and better than ever the next time round.

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