Growing your Business with B2B Telemarketing Services

B2B or business to business telemarketing is all about marketing products and services to another business via the telephone. Even if a business is successful, it is important to keep searching for new clients to keep the sales pipeline full. This is where the role of telemarketing comes into the picture. By integrating this service in the marketing campaign, businesses stand a better chance of gaining invaluable sales opportunities. It will also help in creating a better impression of the business and in developing long lasting relations with the customers.

Here are some of the ways in which B2B telemarketing services can be used to support marketing strategies for your business:

Telemarketing has a huge role to play in creating awareness about the business as it helps in engaging with potential customers and upselling new products and services to existing ones.

It plays a vital role in creating dialog in a way that is not possible through other marketing methods. When prospects are on the phone, they can ask questions and telemarketers can gauge their actions. Telemarketers also get to hear their feedback instantly rather than having to wait. This creates a two-way dialog, making telemarketing a powerful channel for marketing.

What B2B lead generation companies also do is the warming up of cold leads by doing the initial prospecting through the telephone. The warm leads are then transferred to the sales team for the next stage.

When it comes to nurturing existing relationships, telemarketing has an important role to play. Brand reinforcement, market research and up selling are some of the ways in which telemarketing helps foster relationships. It also helps in retaining the important clients that telemarketers have worked so hard to reach.

With the help of this service, it becomes easy to eliminate prospects who may be of no use to the business. If a prospect proves to be a waste of time, there is no point in pursuing him/her. This saves a lot of time for the company and precious resources will not go to waste.

Through telemarketing services, it becomes easier to communicate information that is critical to the clients or the business. With the right strategies, information can reach the right audiences faster.

So by integrating your telemarketing efforts with your marketing strategy, you will get the chance to take your business message further. It will allow you to uncover new business leads. However, just make sure that you are striking the right balance for your business and determining the right channels that can deliver high ROI.

B2B and Social Media

Business to business telemarketing can be a great partner for your digital media campaign. It is very important to ensure that you are connecting with your target audiences through a mix of channels. Because if you are choosing just one method for reaching your audience or leaning heavily on just one channel, then it won’t give you the desired results. But when B2B telemarketing is being integrated with social media efforts, you will be casting a wider net. It will help you create more connection points with potential buyers.

There is no doubt that social media is a great way of building brand awareness but when it comes to gathering information about the contacts or gauging their level of reservation in making a choice, social media is not that effective. But with business to business telemarketing, it becomes easy to ask questions to the prospects directly over the phone. This helps in gaining critical information for lead nurturing.

Here are some of the ways in which social media and telemarketing work together:

If you have a blog that is stirring conversation on LinkedIn, it can act as a great conversation starter for the phone call being made. In case the prospect hasn’t had a chance to look at the blog, telemarketers can help them bypass the search and send the link directly to their inbox.

Brand awareness is something that can be easily built through social media. It is a great way to give the contacts a point of reference when telemarketers are calling them. When a call is made, the prospects will have seen your name out on social media and the kind of content that is posted by you on different channels.

When it comes to directing email marketing activities, business to business telemarketing has an important role to play. Conversations that start through telemarketing always benefit from a follow-up email. It can be used to send relevant content for following up on a conversation you had on a certain challenge that your contact is facing. It can also be used for sending promotional discounts directly.

Through telemarketing, it becomes easy to clean up contacts. For instance, there is a lot of information that is required for qualifying as well as nurturing a lead and it is rare to find it through digital media channels. It is better to consider the data that can be collected through telemarketing calls.

For digital channels, B2B telemarketing is a more proactive partner. Even B2B telesales services are important to grow a business. Compared to telemarketing, business to business telesales is more focused. The main purpose of telesales is to convert leads into sales. At least in principle, telesales executives receive qualified leads from telemarketers and other marketing channels. They then proceed to close the leads through outbound calling.

The most experienced telesales people are usually trained telemarketers who have the know how of moving leads down the “sales funnel” towards a sale.

It is important that businesses have a B2B telesales cold calling campaign with effective lead generation. If not, then the campaign will suffer from low conversion rate. Without telesales follow-up, even a good B2B lead generation campaign will start yielding poor sales results. Without proper follow-up and closing, businesses will get a negative ROI. Both disciplines are combined in a well-planned outbound campaign along with good collaboration between telesales and telemarketing.

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