All About Telemarketing: Features, Types, Benefits and Advantages

Telemarketing is the procedure of selling products or services over the telephone. Typically, telemarketing is a process of direct marketing in which a sales professional implores potential customers to purchase products or services, either over the phone or via a consequent face to face video call or web conferencing.

Telemarketing is usually outsourced to agencies who perform end to end tasks. Telemarketing agencies work in an all embracing from right from lead generation to actualization of sales. Trading of products and services between two business, through telephone calls is done by such agencies. It is a characteristic commercial transaction between two businesses, in order to perform marketing and promotional activities of their products and services. Among all the telemarketing services, the popular ones are lead generation, dissection and categorization, appointment setting with internal sales team, market research, customer feedback and customer retention, polling and converting leads into business.

Telemarketing is cost effective compared to direct sales. It makes selling more effective because one can churn out maximum volume of selling, in less time. It is simple to create leads using this method of telemarketing and the lists of individual phone numbers and other relevant info can be acquired. The results of telemarketing are highly computable, so one can stay aware on the cost effectiveness of the methodology. Choosing telemarketing over other marketing forums is a great idea for telemarketing and telesales professionals and business entrepreneurs. It is moderately inexpensive than other marketing channels such as webinars, advertisements in digital media. Another relevant concept here is telesales. Telesales is much more objectified than telemarketing. The ultimate goal of this is straightforward, which is to change the leads into sales.

Customer accessibility is one of the advantages of telemarketing services. One can reach out to maximum customer in the most inexpensive way. One can reach the customers directly over phone, face to face and understand their needs, requirements and feedback on the products and services. With telemarketing, one can easily inflate the business, generate lots of innovative opportunities and track new customers. It is also a great way to keep in touch with the existing clienteles and to keep them absorbed with lucrative offers and facilities, which can bring around opportunity for supplementary sales opportunities. It also gives one prompt feedback of what the market and customers feel about. Telemarketing services are also convenient for the customers as it is easy and simple for them to ask and resolve any queries or gaps in understanding about the products and services. Moreover, telemarketing even facilitates to keep an instant track on sales records.

Telemarketing is mainly of four types namely B2B, B2C, inbound and outbound. A B2B telemarketing refers to the process of finding out customers and filter the potential buyers from the consumer market. They telemarketing agencies play a vital role to augment the brand image, build in the trustworthiness of the business among existing and prospective patrons and discover new opportunities and probable leads. B2C telemarketing encompasses direct communication and selling with the ultimate end consumer. This type of telemarketing necessitates great zeal of self-assurance and substantial aptitudes as the final end user comes in contact. Inbound telemarketing aims to selling the products and services to the prevailing customers, when they call for some concerns, help and guide or doubt clearance. It is basically cross-selling or up-selling. Outbound telemarketing refers to connecting the prospects and clearing the doubts t them to procure the products and services, by delivering them vital info on features, benefits, services and additional characteristics.

In a nutshell, telemarketing is essential and crucial for increase in sales and expansion of business.

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