3 Amazing Facts About Telemarketing Services That'll Make Your Hair Stand on End

Many businesses get huge profits from telemarketing, the traditional way of marketing seemed to be lost in the digital world. This is why a lot of telemarketing companies exist today having millions of people employed within. However, making money by picking up a phone call and calling up potential clients/customers is a great deal. Though many believe telemarketing is dead or is about to die but still emailing and cold calling have been responsible for generating most of the sales for any business. A personalized interaction over a call is more effective in leading decision-makers to purchase a service or product.

Is Telemarketing Really Dead?

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Nowadays, in businesses, this is a question commonly asked by lots of people. It was considered to be an effective strategy in the past few years, used by sales professionals and many marketers to reach their target audience. But in today’s digital world, things have drastically changed and businesses now prefer using online tools and web-based marketing strategies to stay in the competition. So you have to upgrade with the latest trends and the flow.

However, it does not mean the calling channel that was quite significant at a time has become obsolete now. Telemarketing is not exactly dead and is still one of the best traditional methods businesses use to generate as well as convert leads. Though a quality preparation is required for a conversation over call to be considered as an effective approach with the potential of converting leads into sales. Thus, you cannot neglect the existence of telemarketing companies completely even if many industries have made a move towards digital marketing strategies. And, a lot of B2B organizations still used the calling channel.

3 Amazing Facts About Telemarketing and Its Role in B2B Segment

Answering the Call

For complex products, prospects in target industries are more likely to take up calls and discuss products and/or services rather than an online channel. This is why, in this type of industry, callers put effort into reaching out to the key decision-makers. Thus, for industries involving complex products, answering a phone call has a rate of two or three times higher than calling into business contacts in the service and other industries.

As a result, for the clients, this leads to a dramatic increase in the lead volume, promoting higher returns on investment through better sales. Traditionally, companies those who sell lab and health care products, instruments, machinery, and other high-end equipment didn’t use the phone as a part of their sales.

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So prospects are less likely to be bombarded with sales calls and hence, more likely to answer the phone and communicate about their current needs. Hence, to engage with and gain access to key prospects, telemarketing offers a higher probability than other channels to fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads.

Straightforward Sale

For business services and solutions catering to the high-end lab and medical products, instrumentation, and machinery are likely to require less education and background for the prospect. However, those dealing with high-end and complex products should examine the needs and discuss the benefits, requiring more straightforward communication. When selling in this industry, there is less need to educate a prospect about what you are trying to sell.

In general, there is either a need for the product or not. If it is a new concept or idea, with less tangible business solutions and software, a learning curve for the prospect is available. Also, there is less need for educating prospects when callers reach them about a product because they are already aware. It can add opportunities for up selling as well, leading to a shorter sales cycle.

B2B Cold Calling

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It covers more ground. Companies that sell high-ticket and complex products mostly prefer the traditional sales model. They heavily rely on the sales reps that exist on the business prospect’s floor. To sell a complex part of the equipment, there is a tendency that believes sales reps and needs to be on-site. In some instances, the beginning of the sale cycle can happen on the phone. However, a simple phone call is very effective at the right level to the right person by a professional caller.

Whenever a company has a prospect in numbers of hundreds or thousands, it is considered a better way to approach them more quickly. However, an outbound sales rep cannot cover the amount of ground as compared to a professional B2B telemarketing program, leading to the qualification of more leads in a shorter time.

There is an excellent opportunity for those who sell complex products and get benefits from the B2B telesales. Outsourcing to B2B professionals helps cover more ground and uncover real opportunities for your products. Depending on your needs, outsourcing allows you to scale up or down and also allows you to get ahead of the competition. It also increases brand awareness by getting your product and name in the head of the buyers.

Benefits of Telemarketing

In today’s digital world, there are many advantages to hiring telemarketing companies as discussed below:

Directly Communicate with Prospects and Customers

Unlike other marketing channels, telemarketing enables a business to communicate with the right person as the person is communicating live on the other side of the call. For future communication purposes, you can analyze and measure their reaction and also note them.

Instant Feedback

B2B telemarketing also helps you get the feedback immediately. Your prospect can check instantly if you are taken seriously or not. It will help to ensure that the message is delivered the right way to its prospects and customers as well as other business partners. It will also help adjust the communication style based on the availability, preference, and mood of the prospects.

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Reduce Operational Cost

Telemarketing is a low-priced form of communication for each contact and/or lead as compared to other marketing strategies. It is much less as compared to advertising via print, door to door marketing, and developing promotional tools like posters and brochures. Moreover, in telemarketing, you can choose to pay only for those leads that you consider relevant.

To conclude,in the digital marketing landscape, many people believe that telemarketing is dead now. But it is not completely dead as phone calls can lead to straight forward sales, boosting the success rate of the sales. Also, cold calling in the B2B segment helps qualify more leads in a short time and covers more ground than other channels.

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