Website Content

Boost your online exposure!

A well designed, functional and user friendly website is the biggest weapon a company can have in the battle for business online. Online brand promotion is becoming a war zone with millions of companies fighting on the net for exposure!

Just imagine, if you visit a website and get lost in a maze of pages and hyperlinks what do you do? If you are not a web genius you will most likely press the ‘back’ button and find an easier website to navigate. In the present day, very few consumers have time to hack through the jungle that is the internet in order to find what they are looking for.

A complicated website is a big turn off for the average internet user!

The website design team at Amvoc has carried out extensive research into the usability and functionality of the internet and we are able to offer an extremely valuable insight into the thoughts of those using the web. Our copywriters and website designers have worked closely to produce a formula for the perfect website.

The publishers and copywriters here at Amvoc have spent years producing text for webpages and we know what our customers want. How do we do this? We carry out extensive research into our client’s customer base to find out what they want.

As well as the design and layout of the website (which is the domain of our web designers so we shall leave that to them) the text on the site is vital. Convoluted paragraphs just ask for trouble. Not every visitor to your website will be able to understand complicated sentences that go on forever thanks to the use of complex punctuation.

When someone visits your website they are looking for something. You are literally given a matter of seconds, by the visitor, to let them know they have found what they are looking for. In order for this to be achieved you need to have a short explanatory text in a prominent position on your page that explains the purpose of your site.

Your website needs to reflect your company accurately and appeal to your target market in order for you to win the war on the web!

There are a number of copywriting trends and techniques that can be applied to your website to design it effectively and help you achieve the best results. Amvoc can help you showcase your products or services with clear and concise text. We can really help you to show off your business’s ethos and personality with website text that is in keeping with your company’s ideals.

If you would like to win the battle for business on the internet you need to contact the team at Amvoc in order for a strategic assessment of your website needs to be carried out. Amvoc can put into words what your customers want to read.